New Book Exposes Eugenics Mandate in Reproductive Rights Agenda

By Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D. NEW YORK, NY, July 10, 2008 ( - A book recently published by Harvard University Press explains how eugenics united some of the richest and most powerful elites of the twentieth century into a movement "to remake humanity by controlling the…

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You should also check out a book called Liberal Facism by Goldberg that just came out. I traces the Eugenics movement from the Progrssives in the early 20th century to the modern liberals.

Read the books. Also read Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits by Steven Mosher. Scary stuff.

People such as Paul Ehrlich advocate population control not out of eugenic concerns, but because they understand that too many people will deteriorate the quality of life for everyone.

It is amazing how people will find ways to defend the indefensible. No matter how you try to relativize it, population control is based in eugenics and is genocide.

Well, the “population control” of the early 20th century only involved sterilizing people deemed “inferior”. That’s eugenics. Hitler thought getting rid of the Jews would improve the quality of life for everyone else. Population control programs are always poised above the slippery slope.

Why is that surprising, once someones decided its moral to kill innocent life because its an inconvenience, where do you draw the line?

And who decides what is ‘quality’?

Does quality have to include 24/7 Internet access and enough money to live ‘abundantly’, have no ‘worries’, be able to ‘afford’ how ever many books and toys one wants, have advanced degrees etc.?

Most people in the First World live in unimaginable luxury compared to what was known and experienced in that First World until basically the 20th century. Most people in the Second World live in conditions that would have been considered at least ‘middle class’ by most of the FIRST WORLD until the 20th century. And most people in the Third World live in conditions that range from the few living as ‘high’ or higher than the ‘haut’ of the First World, to the ‘middle class’ of the Second World, to a subsistence level that would have been considered low or verging on poverty until the 20th century in the First World, and finally those living a life that would have been considered anywhere from normal to ‘hard’, but certainly would have been the COMMON EXPERIENCE, even in the First World or royal circles, until the 20th century.

So I think we can drop the rhetoric about ‘quality of life’. Because even those ‘poorest of the poor’ not only WANT TO LIVE, they struggle to live. Even when they live horrific lives, they still not only try to live as best they can, they still go on wanting to love each other and to have children, so that those children in turn have a chance to live.

It’s only the more ‘elite’ among us who seem that feel that life is just not ‘worth living’ unless one is totally ‘happy’ and surrounded by all the ‘things’ that make life living.

What really gets to me is how often THINGS are all that is mentioned. “Books, Internet, education”.

And how seldom PEOPLE are mentioned. How seldom is mentioned by these gloom prophets the idea of living in order to FIND LOVE with another, to GIVE LOVE to another, to BRING FORTH LOVE in having children, to then LIVE LOVE in families and communities everywhere.

Notice how often when ‘people’ are mentioned the only thing you hear from the population ‘control experts’ is how SELFISH people are, how OVERBURDENED they make the planet, and how much better ‘life’ would be WITHOUT THEM?

It gives one furiously to think.

That is just it. They can’t because, in there perverse mind, they are not innocent because they are inferior. Why to you think the “population control” butchers go after third world countries, and minorities.

Amazing may not be the right word, but that was the first word that popped into my mind. Nothing surprises me any more when it come to the Relativist.

BTW: The book has been added to my “shopping list” on Amazon.

I suppose it is a noble goal when one wants to reduce the amount of suffering in the world. Do you want a life with plenty of worries and adversity? I suppose you do not… and one can plausibly generalize this desire not to live a miserable life to most of humanity. I am a negative utilitarian who is heavily influenced by people such as Peter Singer.

Regarding my approach to ethics, I copy this quote by Karl Popper:

“I believe that there is, from the ethical point of view, no symmetry between suffering and happiness, or between pain and pleasure. Both the greatest happiness principle of the Utilitarians and Kant’s principle, “Promote other people’s happiness…”, seem to me (at least in their formulations) fundamentally wrong in this point, which is, however, not one for rational argument…In my opinion…human suffering makes a direct moral appeal for help, while there is no similar call to increase the happiness of a man who is doing well anyway.”

And I believe access to information is also a noble goal because I believe in the slogan “ipsa scientia potestas est”. And you cannot give to one another if you do not have much to give anyway.

:frowning: Of course this crowd want to control the population in third world countries.Eugenics isn’t new,even in the United States.
In many states they sterilized people in mental or other institutions in the 1900s to stop them from possibly producing those withpsyichal or mental defects.They had back in the late 1980s and early 1990s on tv several stories about actual historical cases.One I think starred Melissa Gilbert who played a woman trying to help a girl who was in an institution.You might have to go to IMDb to find mention of the program.But the story
was based on fact, and happend in either North or South Carolina
in the 1920s.The woman in this case was white.Yes,they not only did this stuff to blacks or other races, but poor whites as well.
To the eugenics,didn’t matter the race.They had a great deal of contempt for whites on the lower end of the social scale too.
I can understand that if you have to many people,and in a time of famine they die because there is not enough food to go around,but that is no excuse for what these people do.
What the poor deserve is clean water, a decent home to live in
food on their table,and work and a way to educate their children so the kids can stay in school,and not have to work to support the parents because they aren’t making enough money.Some times they sell their children to other people for money,so they can take care of the rest of the family.
They need turn loose of their money and work instead to help the poor but they won’t.
Unfortunately I’m not Bill Gates and don’t have his money.Maybe I could come up with some sort of a plan,but don’t know if anyone would listen.Many leaders in third world countries are just as bad as here.

A saw the book mentioned in the article in the bookstore. Looks like not much more, if any, information that I have already found in Population Control.

in all of these books on population control and the like, is there any mention of vaccines as a back door to population control? the vaccines are filled with poisons. the vaccine schedule is skyrocketing and children are being diagnosed with autism and cancer and diabetes in greater and greater numbers. the whole scenario is very unsettling.

How noble. May I presume Paul Ehrlich “took one for the team” and offed himself to make our quality of life better?

The driving question for any disciple of the culture of death is “would I want to live like that” - whether it pertains to the poor in third world countries, or Terri Schiavo, people condemn those to death whose shoes they couldn’t imagine walking a mile in.

Well Paul Ehrlich did get a vasectomy.

A violation of natural law…

ah, so he got an operation that allows him to have recreational sex w/o facing the responsibility of raising children! What a guy!

I suppose you are willing to sell all your assets and donate them to pro-life charities and take a significant quality of life hit.

I just do not want others to live a life of misery and humiliation because I myself do not want to live like that. And I have enough empathy to understand that others do not want to live like that.

You should also check out a book called Liberal Facism by Goldberg that just came out. I traces the Eugenics movement from the Progrssives in the early 20th century to the modern liberals.

Oh, tell me how the “free market” isn’t conducive for eugenics. But I suppose in that scenario many people are unable to use eugenics means to conceive their children because they couldn’t afford it.

There is a discussion of the eugenics movement in “Salvation Is From the Jews”

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