New book: Obama told aides that drones make him 'really good at killing people'–obama-told-aides-that-drones-make-him–really-good-at-killing-people–144734667.html

I suppose he could add his disgusting voting record on abortion to that as well.

That quote rates right up there on the sensitivity scale with Hillary’s “I came, I saw, he died”

Or McCain’s “bomb Iran”

I don’t think that falls into the same category. There are seriously good reasons why war with Iran might become necessary, just as there are good reasons for drone strikes.
I certainly do not fault Obama for using drones as the most effective weapon for killing terrorists. That is not the point.

Iran just had its largest demonstration in history yesterday, by the way,with all the people droning their familiar “Death to America” refrain. They were celebrating the anniversary of what happened to the American embassy in 1979.

It is not the idea of war that makes these kind of comments offensive. It is the flippancy, and lack of seriousness in the face of death that is unbecoming of the office of President of the United States of America.

That’s a good democrat…point to the republican, divert to the other side. Does this ever get annoying to you that you have to tow the line so often even though it makes you look bad?:confused:

I sincerely don’t mean to be nit-picky and this is only for your reference: the expression is “toe the line”.

Thanks for that correction. You have given me another opportunity to tell the “line toe-er” well done good and faithful democrat!

PS. To be honest, I really don’t care if its tow, or toe; you got the message I trust.:thumbsup:

Haha, fair enough. :slight_smile:


I can imagine that many people that obfuscate what Obama is saying and doing are, on principle, personally much more ‘pacifist’ in these kind of affairs than I might be.

Sacrificing principle for power through unity is good political strategy. However, it all boils down to why are you in politics in the first place, if not to promote and advocate the principles that you believe in?

A reality check is in order. If you look at it, governments do very few things well. Preserving their jobs is one of them; the other is killing people, building roads, sometimes bridges and dams, picking up trash. Used to be sewers and schools but recently with the new standards and curriculum, the schools in the future may resemble sewers. But, that is off topic.

Did you hear the statement? It was clearly tongue in cheek, done to the Beach Boys tune Bar Bar Bar, Bar Barbrann. That being said, even Obama has stated repeatedly that “everything is on the table” when dealing with that rogue state.

Nice try but your dog don’t hunt. The problem with Obama supporters is that they think we’re all too stupid to see right through them. We’re not.

Obama displays the sociopath persona that made his brutal pro abortion philosophy so apparent. The man’s words and actions indicate he is COMPLETELY self absorbed. Therefore like the Emperor With No Clothes, he ignores the truth while continuing to pat himself on the back for having outsmarted the masses.

He is also a pathological liar which even the Left has finally come to understand. In a valiant effort they are spinning, parsing and obfuscating but the reality is Obama demonstrates a heartlessness that is frightening. My prayer is that his power to destroy is becoming more limited.


re: “really good at killing people”.
I have suspected our president has a fascination w/ abortion.
As an Illinois state senator who stood up and argued for partial - birth abortion and oppose the infant-born-alive protection act is revealing. He was aggressive on these issues.
To see a simulation of a partial birth abortion coupled w/ awareness of the infants pain and give a rousing speech supporting this procedure is mind boggling.

He has a totally utilitarian view of life. How useful is this person to me or the State? Look at his policies, his practices, his causes and the organizations he supports. He is a true son of Margaret Sangar who wanted rid of “human weeds.” Abortion just makes it even more utilitarian as you do it before the person costs the state money.

Even more scary is to listen to his Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm and a “doctor” with ice in his veins and a heart of stone. I’ve heard two interviews with him and they are chilling.


I made the mistake of looking up drone strikes and came across picture after picture of little kids killed in strikes.

What kind of monster does one have to be to be proud of killing innocent children? :mad:

One who believes that children are a penalty. How sad.


The irony in the part in bold is that Sanger would have gladly paid to have him killed as she was a racist and hated blacks.

He is proud of supporting and expanding abortions in the United States and beyond using our tax payer money.

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