New book on Spirituality and God


I was looking for a book on B & N and saw Fr.Groechel has a new book out called. "Everyday day encounters with God"
Looks like it takes everyday encounters we have and brings shows us God in them. I think this one will find itself in my stocking…I need uplifting books this time of year. :slight_smile:



All I have to do is look at the author to tell that it probably an excellent book. Fr. Benedict Groeschel is a wonderful teacher. That book is going on my wish list!


Thanks for this info! Fr. Groeschel was instrumental in my return to the fullness of the Catholic faith, along with old recordings of Bishop Fulton Sheen. May God bless Fr. Groeschel abundantly and may Bishop Sheen be eternally enjoying the Beatific Vision!!

Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas and happy reading!:slight_smile:


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