New Brunswick man found guilty in Quebec maple syrup heist


If Canada had the death penalty, then surely this villainous scofflaw would warrant it.

**A New Brunswick man was found guilty Saturday of fraud and trafficking stolen goods in connection with a maple syrup heist in Quebec.

Etienne Saint-Pierre of Kedgwick was one of four men accused in relation to the theft of 9,500 barrels of maple syrup belonging to the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers between August 2011 and July 2012 valued at $18.7 million. In August 2012, it was discovered that maple syrup in a St-Louis-de-Blandford, Que., warehouse had been replaced by water.**

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50 Canadian dollars says this happened just to keep Canada relevant in the news over the US election. :D:p


:hmmm:Very possible, very possible. I was thinking there might be some kind of vicious Canadian syrup cartel I’d never heard of before.


Well, yes. Always trust your instincts.

Canada’s maple syrup cartel puts squeeze on small producers


What ever happened to the good old days of bank robberies and jewel thieves.


This could become a sticky situation.


I sense a Far Side cartoon somewhere nearby…


‘Things sweet to taste prove in digestion sour.’ - Shakespeare, Richard II.


Has anyone seen Mrs. Butterworth lately? Is she safe?


I hear she’s in hiding in a Log Cabin with Uncle Ben and Betty Crocker.




Don’t forget the Pillsbury Doughboy who is holed up in the cabin with them.


I believe the maple syrup industry in NE USA is impacted by recent drought/climate change. The price of pure maple syrup is always hight compared to that fake stuff but even more so these days.
Pure 100% Maple syrup on pancakes is the way to go :thumbsup::smiley:


I was afraid the Crown prosecutor might waffle if he was unsure the charges would stick.


You win - your punnery takes the cake.


Or the pancake.

News on the internet will soon put comedy writers out of business along with newspapers.


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