New Catechetical Website called Credible Catholic launched by Fr. Spitzer


The teaching materials on the Credible Catholic website are free. Here’s the excellent article in Crux about Fr. Spitzer’s new website:

Developed through Spitzer’s Magis Center, based in Garden Grove, Credible Catholic offers 20 downloadable “modules” that equip Magis Center learners with evidence-based arguments for core Christian beliefs. The catechetical website is

“The Credible Catholic modules correspond to fundamental apologetics in light of modern scientific methods,” said Spitzer, author and co-host of the Eternal Word Television Network program, Father Spitzer’s Universe.

“For example, I approach the Resurrection through evidence, but I respond to every Scripture passage, too,” he said in an interview with Catholic News Service.

Here’s the link to Fr. Spitzer’s Credible Catholic website:


Just read the chapter on free will and original sin. This is very nice.


Amen, and amen!


Thank you for posting.


Fr. Spitzer uses science and philosophy in the way in which it has always been used throughout history. It’s very refreshing to hear him including arguments from logic and observation into his scientific evidence.

Science isn’t just about numbers, laboratory testing and measurements. Those things are very useful for advancing scientific theories, but IMO they are more related to engineering than to science.


Great to see this! Thanks for sharing!

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