New category for human sexuality


I have thought about it and wish we could create a new category for human sexuality.

It could encompass the endless threads on homosexuality, masturbation, is “x” a sin, transgenderism, bisexuality, marital sex questions, celibacy ect.

I am not a prude, but the constant duplicate threads is just a drag for me…having a separate category would help insulate those who really do not wish to have to see the titles all the time.
Also, there are a lot of younger readers who have access to this site who may not be emotionally equipped for what is discussed…or perhaps circumventing their parents in order to find answers.

It may also help those with what are recurring themes and questions find prior threads easier. These topics that do come up are all over the board as to which category the poster chooses.

Could be a beneficial resource in several ways.

Since it is obviously a valid and relevant topic and realizing it can be a contentious subject think it deserves some consideration

Just a thought…



If this should be in the feedback category let me know and I will move it…


I think it should be in feedback. Otherwise tag the webmaster.




I remember a while ago a similar thread and that the generalbidea was to move more explicit threads to #catholic-living:family-life (something you can do with your Regular status)

However I second having a separate category because I’m looking at it and thinking “Man, this forum is obsessed with sex.” Imagine what a non-Catholic would think with the proliferation. (Though a separate category may send the same message.)


Great point…and for the more regulars, it is the same questions with the same answers ad nauseam.
When I first started seeking Catholic Forums to help me with my journey, I settled on CAF…but soon felt the way you have expressed…This forum is obsessed with sex!
I also couldn’t help notice that it really seems to bring out the worst in people and the trolls.
I do not think it should be eliminated or even necessarily curtailed, just managed differently.


Ah, humanity…


Ah, that sounds familiar. I think the moderator even chimed in and said that topics in that category don’t appear on the main page because of that tendency for the sex-related topics to be placed there.

I guess I’m on the fence. On the one hand, I can see the advantage of a clearly-labeled, separate category for those topics. It makes it easier to avoid for those seeking to avoid it. On the other hand, I can see the disadvantage as well because it might make posters feel like they can be more explicit since this is the “sex” category.


If they become “more explicit” or otherwise break the rules they could be dealt with the same way as they are now.


I know a non catholic who reads our forum and they think Catholics are obsessed with sex and some are depraved, not my words.

I suggested having a separate section a couple of weeks ago for the same reasons as Max states, I messaged the moderator and was told that the moral theology section was already meant for that, if I see anything not in that section to let them know.

It’s not nice to sometimes find yourself reading something quite explicit and not very helpful. I mean that the original headings aren’t always indicative of the content.


And to add, there is the issue of minors reading these threads…


Definately, unfortunately maybe some of the posters are minors.

I don’t like it at all and I’m sure it’s not helpful for younger men especially. When I first started on the forum I was horrified.

I would gladly add my name to a list of regulars or otherwise who would wish to see a separate category.


There is a smaller forum over at Ave Maria Radio. They have set up a more “strict” set of forums.

Some are open to men only, some to women only, some to married folks practicing NFP only.


May be a little draconian for CAF which is obviously a bit more liberal on the allowed sexual thread content…it is sort of the Wild West here as to what crazy thread title on sex I run across when I come here each day…I cannot imagine seeing these things when I was a young kid…it would definitely had put thoughts in my head…


So if there cannot be a special category for some reason then perhaps anyone posting such a thing should have to state clearly in the thread title that the content may be sexual. Perhaps they could simply start the heading with the word ‘Sex: ‘ that would work for me, then I could avoid it unless I was feeling bullet proof! (I’d probably avoid it.)

Actually since regulars can edit headings they could do it couldn’t they?


I think that would rely on the posters to be consistent in their threads which probably is not feasible…I think the most practical way is to simply add another category…it need not be named “human sexuality” I was just using the old college class theme in brainstorming.


But regulars could edit the thread title, just add Sex: on to the beginning?

Of course the first regular to read it would be ‘infected’ but it’d be taking one for the team so to speak!



An accurate rendering of my reaction to opening another Sex Thread on CAF


I’ve heard of a case where a regular changing a title stirred up some stuff once before. (Pretty sure it was just with the person, but there might have been some of moderation wondrring why they changed a title.) So I’d want a clear go-ahead from the mods before making that a common practice.


I would prefer not to have such a category. Let’s keep CAF family friendly, please.

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