New category for human sexuality


That is the point of having a category for these topics, to keep it family friendly.
These threads already exist.



Yes, they already exist and are quickly closed. If a whole forum for that becomes reality, there should be the option to mute it not just the individual topics.

Regardless of one’s age and member status here, there are many posters who, for various reasons, are uncomfortable with it altogether.


Why are you so opposed to simply having a category for these topics?
Nobody would be denied anything, it could only result in a net positive.


But its not ‘family friendly’ now. I move all the masturbation threads to the family category, just to get them off the front page.


Perhaps then we should try to get such a permission.

We could just add the letter S to the front, that would be fairly innocuous. And really if someone is posting some semi promo graphic account of their habits or proclivities then they shouldn’t mind us trying to protect ourselves.

I suppose he problem is only those who have been party to this discussion would know what it meant.

@Cecilia_Dympna, I agree that they need at least removing from the front page so to speak.

Maybe we ask and if the mods won’t do anything, and I have asked myself, then we’d have to reconsider?


Those types of threads are a perfect example of why I would want to have the option to mute the entire forum if it were added rather than just individual threads of which there are too many as it is. There is nothing family friendly about them.


Why do you want a special category for those types of threads? Those threads shouldn’t even be allowed on CAF.


You already can. Go to the top of a category and there’s a similar button to the one you use to mute a thread.


I’m sorry, but I don’t see it.:frowning_face: Could you make a screenshot of it for me?

I see a list for “all categories.” But nothing showing how to mute anything.


Do you use phone or desktop?


Usually desktop but currently phone.


On the phone, go to a category. And where you see the button at the top labelled “+ New Topic” go to the left. There should be a small recta how with a circle in it. Tap on that circle and scroll down to “Mute.” (I have a hard time with screenshots on the phone.)

I’ll try getting a desktop version screenshot later.


Here’s the desktop view, @lilypadrees


Is my neighbour on there somewhere? I’d like to mute him if possible, maybe I should ask Santa clause.


Thank you so much, @mVitus!!!:heart:


You’re welcome. Now what’s the credit card number and billing address?


Address is Heaven Bound 1 Way :angel:

Credit card is For God’s Ears Only :rofl:


I still think that because of all the information that can be found in the 29,768 masturbation threads that already exist on this forum, there should be a moratiorium on any new posts on this subject. There is nothing new anyone could post that would change the answer from a Catholic perspective.


Excuse me, I would like to add that since you posted the ticker is now reading 29,783 Masturbatory Threads.

Thank You…

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