New category for human sexuality


They also said Edison’s failure proved there was nothing that could make a lightbulb work. They’re gonna find that loophole eventually!


Though a moratorium is an idea.


If the auto-bot can trigger on the nickname for “Richard”, why can’t it trigger on the word “Masturbation” and send the person a message to read some page on the Catholic teaching on masturbation? Just about every masturbation thread is either asking “is masturbation a sin” or saying, “Help, I can’t stop masturbating”. Both questions could be disposed of in a 1-page FAQ without us needing a new thread from every young male who drops by.


Yeah, I especially don’t want to read this when someone is posting on CAF.


The problem with muting a category is that people new to CAF, especially minors, pay no attention to them. I have seen M threads posted all over, in many unsuitable categories. So you end up muting a category you don’t need to. Except World news. I never need that one.


Also with minors who find there way here and get to read some pretty graphic sexual content for their age and would not mute it anyway…


Maybe they need to have a disclaimer when people sign up. “If you post about M it will most likely be deleted. Please feel free to use the site’s search feature to view one of the many threads and questions already asked and answered.” With a link to edward_george threads on the subject. And then any new threads can be flagged and mods can delete or allow.


I’m just imaging a new member signing up, reading that, and saying to themself, “NOPE!” before fleeing in terror.


When I asked the moderator if we could have anew category for these posts I was told there was a category in moral theology, or similar, if it’s not there let them know.

So. Don’t know. I think cruciferi did the right thing yesterday when he posted the links to Edward George’s post. What else can we say but look up the existing answers for this issue. Apart from editing the title of their posts with the word Sex on the front!


This would be a good band name.


I’m just reading a book and a Benedictine monk is saying how he copied St Benedict by launching himself into rose bush when he felt lust! He said he became entangled for hours and realised that St Benedict was not only a saint but also had the sense to throw himself into a bush with smaller thorns! Lol :rofl:

Perhaps we should suggest St Benedict remedy!


Well, since no moderators have commented nor anyone from CAF I guess it is status quo…I do not wish to leave CAF since I have built up some relationships here, but I also do not really want to needlessly subject myself to something that crosses my conscience.

Oh well…


If it’s that bad for you can’t we just edit the thread title so we reduce the chances of you reading it?


I did not mean for it to sound that way…I am always discerning in my life…this is just one of those times.
I think a lot of good suggestions came up.


If it gets concentrated on one category things will definitely go explosive there. And kids may go there just out of curiosity and then - problem created!


Vs. them always being in the open as they are n ow and the same result of them being explosive…just a specific subcategory in Catholic Living would be a good solution…easier for those self policing to move them to.


I didn’t mean muting it for everyone. I meant me being able to mute it for myself. Many threads about sexuality are very uncomfortable for me whether I read them or not. An entire forum devoted to the subject would be even more so.


I wonder if there can be a wordfilter put in place on here for bad words,and if anyone bypasses the filter they get suspended for a while?

I know on one forum i’m on some words get turned into this"something I shouldn’t be talking about"

I wonder why this site doesn’t input a wordfilter here,so that people if they post something obscene get the term filtered so they don’t get suspended,unless if they bypass the filter by intentionally mispelling the word to get around the filter.


I see we are getting a spate of masturbation threads again. I really think it is “monkey-see, monkey-do”. One guy starts a thread, 3 other guys see it and decide to ask also.

I have been seeing almost exactly the same masturbation threads for 2 straight years. I am at the point of wondering how long this is going to go on? While it’s good to help people, masturbation is not a specifically Catholic topic and we don’t need 3 or 4 different threads of guys getting advice on how to control themselves when the advice is going to be the same in every case.

Said it before and I’ll say it again: is there not some kind of faq or standard advice page we could send these posters to read, and then request that the individual thread be locked?


Feel free to copy or bookmark the link:

I post this and move on…


Wonderful idea, Cruciferi. You get a cookie. :cookie:

I will be doing this from now on, and muting the thread immediately after I post the link.

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