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Why thank you :blush:



There have actually been folks who have been directed to use the search function and have said that their masturbation situation is different so they started a new thread. :thinking:

I like the suggestion up thread that there should maybe be a word filter that picks it up and doesn’t allow the topic to post.


I think there should be a pinned statement on what is seen as a sin with masturbation/sex based on Catholic teaching. This should be enough for those to reference rather than discuss over and over again.

Though I am sure half of the threads are jokers.


From a Catholic conference, The Sexy 6:

  1. Priest celibacy
  2. Abortion
  3. Birth control
  4. Marriage
  5. Sex
  6. Male priest.

Apologetics in this area is really common. In the college environment I live in, people always start arguing about the existence of God, but eventually it moves to these.


According to the Forum Rules, nothing above ‘PG’ should be posted

(Granted, it’s not currently followed too well, but if a dedicated effort is made by forum members that could change)


I may give them a look, then…


I wonder if there should be a filter to block bad words. I know some sites have stuff set in a word filter. I think a wordfilter could benefit the forum by keeping it pg.


There already is such a filter. It primarily seems to hide posts where we talk about people whose name is the accepted English nickname for Richard, such as the elderly actor who dances in the Mary Poppins film.

The problem we are having is not with “bad words”.
It is primarily with an excessive number of threads posted by people, usually teens/ young men, who want to talk about how they can’t stop masturbating. While we recognize this is a problem that some people have, the advice is pretty much the same for every thread and we don’t need two dozen threads on the same explicit topic.

It is secondarily with people who want to talk in detail about a sexual issue they are having within their marriage, although I have seen the moderators remove those threads when they were too explicit.


I meant a word filter to filter out explicit posts. One site i’m at, if anyone gets explicit,the word gets filtered to something like “something i shouldn’t be talking about” I think it would be good,instead of getting suspended for being explicit,like having the explicit posts filtered.



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