New Catholic Apologetics Site


Hi there,

I wanted to let you all know about a new apologetics web site that I have built. The name of the site is “Catholic Apologetics Guidebook,” and you can find it here:

There are lots of great apologetics resources on the internet already, so I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel by writing a lot of my own original material. Instead, I have created an index or guide to the best apologetics resources on a variety of different topics. So I’m hoping that people will find this site to be a useful reference or starting point when they are searching for a good article, mp3 file, or book on a particular topic in Catholic apologetics. I already find that when I am in discussions with non-Catholics, I refer to to this site to find resources on the topic being discussed.

The site also has a limited amount of original content, most of which you can find on the “Dialogues and Writings” page.

I would appreciate any feedback about the site, whether it’s praise or constructive criticism. Also, as a technical note, I have not yet been able to test the site on a Macintosh to see if it displays properly in Safari (or whatever other browsers are popular on Macs these days – sorry, I’m not much of a Mac expert). So if you use a Mac and would like to take a look at the site, I’d appreciate you letting me know if the pages seem to display properly or not.

Thanks, and I hope that at least someone here may benefit from the site.



Looks like a great site! I have it bookmarked. I haven’t been able to look at everything (that would take a while!), but what I’ve seen so far seems very good. I like sites like yours that serve as indexes for many other sites. It’s like a quality-controlled google for when you’re trying to find a bunch of Catholic stuff on the same subject. :wink:


Kudos Paul!

To echo Joe’s remarks, I haven’t had the opportunity to delve into the site but a cursory perusal was enough to convince me to bookmark it. :smiley:

I can see this is going to be a site I’ll access regularly when the topic of Catholic Apologetics arises.

Well Done!!! :thumbsup:


That looks great, and my site is listed on it, which was a total surprise for me!



Thanks very much to all of you who posted kind remarks above. It has been some time since I have logged in on this message board, so I only just now saw the two most recent posts above. I’m really happy to know that at least a few people checked out the site and liked it. (I had meant to respond to Joe’s post a while back, but by the time I got around to it, I was afraid that my post would just look like a self-serving attempt to bump the thread.) :slight_smile:

AdventistNoMore: I’m not sure if I knew that was your web site or not. I thought it was very well done, which is why I linked to it. And if you happen know of any other good articles or audio files that give an overview of Seventh-Day Adventism from a Catholic apologetics perspective, that you think I should link, please feel free to let me know. I can always use more good suggestions.

Thanks again for the positive feedback! :slight_smile:



Very good site. I have read some of the links in it and plan to read more. If I could add just one suggestion. There are (on here too) attacks by Eastern Orthodox against Catholicism, many based on absolute myths. I have had a devil of a time researching to find out the real stories. e.g., the Fourth Crusade, regarding which most E.O. claims are total myths.

Lots of those myths are hard to research because they’re not “mainstream” subjects of western history books, and people without access to very major university libraries have little access to the real histories.


Hi Ridgerunner,

Thanks very much for the suggestion. Do you have any specific articles or other resources in mind that I could link to, regarding the Fourth Crusade and other such subjects? I know that one good resource on these subjects is Warren Carroll’s excellent History of Christendom series, which I have read, and which has what seems to be an informative account of the Fourth Crusade. However, I would prefer to find something on a more basic and introductory level if I’m going to link it on my site. I did find this article, but I’m not sure how helpful it is, since it’s basically just a book review. And I’m hesitant to recommend the book that it reviews, since I haven’t read it and I’m not familiar with the author. But I’ll keep this subject in mind as a good area to expand the web site, and I welcome any specific resource suggestions that you may have.



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