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Does anyone know if the Catholic book publishing’s New Catholic Bible set to come out at the end of September is the same translation as their New Catholic Version new testament? I called them and she didn’t know. I have the NCV new testament and I love it.

Never heard of it. Can you possibly supply a link?

I immediately become suspicious of any Bible version that has the word “new” at the beginning.


Yes, please do. Googling New Catholic Bible = too many results to look at on my lifetime.

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One exception being the excellent Douay-Confraternity bibles, which were called the “New Catholic Edition.”

Otherwise, they have been politically corrected and make even our Lord say things as He never said them.

These products appears to be what the OP is referring to:

I followed the link, and no where on the website (including the pictures) does it say what translation it is using (I don’t think that NCB is a translation, it’s a title for the publishing series). I’d pass on it for that reason alone.

Yes, the NAB has tarnished the word for any future use in describing Sacred Scripture.

This is not the nabre Bible. It is either the “new Catholic bible” updated Jerusalem bible that removes the “Yahweh” references for “Lord”, or the complete bible of their “new Catholic version” new testament and Psalms which is a terrific translation better than the rsv in my opinion.

Katherine Hicks

I don’t know either. I only found the following:

St. Joseph Edition New Catholic Version (New Testament, 2015) is:

A completely new Catholic translation in conformity with the Church’s translation guidelines … this faithful, reader-friendly translation of the New Testament was prepared by the same team that prepared the New Catholic Version of the Psalms released in 2002.

Book review of Psalms and New Testament which has Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur :

Not to be confused with The New Catholic Bible from Catholic Truth Society which is:

The Old and new testament translation (except for the psalms) is from the Jerusalem Bible with Yahweh replaced with “The Lord” or other appropriate liturgical phrase. The psalms are from the Grail Psalter.

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