New Catholic Generation -- Dweebs

I love new catholic generation, but does anyone else feel that some of the members are just really weird?

Maybe it might not be a good idea to show young catholics as weird and geeky. I know they all aren’t that way but enough of them are where I thought I’d make this post

Little harsh?

The church has always been the hospital for sinners. By societal definitions, Catholics of any age are weird. That’s just a fact of the matter. We do different things, we believe different things, we eat different ways, we have completely different values. That is weird.

As far as “geeky” well…the RC in the very least needs to recover from the “Amazing pillar of faith” model. All that got us was blind faith in leadership (not God) and a ton of sickening scandles when people abused that faith and let it permiate culture.


Haha, dweebs. Haven’t heard that word in a while. I think NCG is ok. I do pick up on some weirdness now and then, but hey, who isn’t weird? It should be known I stopped watching them a year ago in case they got a fresh crew.


It’s not surprising to see a lot of geeky young Catholics, especially converts. To be Catholic at any age is to not be a sucker for what is mainstream. If you don’t care about what is mainstream in regards to religion, you would care even less for mainstream everything else.

Also, Catholicism is a very bookish religion, so the Church is a hotbed of nerds.


Why is being “geeky” a problem?

I don’t know, I just think this post comes off as really uncharitable and kind of mean.


The OP said he loved this generation. He isn’t being mean at all. Also, being geeky and nerdy is pretty chic in this generation. Or, at least that has been my experience.


Calling members “weird” isn’t kind of mean? I guess we have different definitions of what’s mean.

Weird can have more neutral connotations.

Possibly, but when the OP also says it might not be a good idea to portray Catholics this way, it doesn’t sound like the connotation is neutral.

Normal people are boring.


Because many of us are from the generation and read “I love you…but” He didn’t say “I love you for” And he went on to say that he wished that they’d show young Catholics as not weird and geeky.

I think many of us are. I, for one, don’t care. My husband is, my husband’s friends who are Catholic are. My Catholic mommy friends are. We are weird and we are “geeky”…so what then. What if every Catholic I know under 35 is exactly that way?

So I get two messages…either “please change” or “please stop representing the Church” neither of which are pleasant, wouldn’t you agree?

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Listen, I’ve talked to this guy one on one and doubt he means offense. Maybe he could have worded it better. But I doubt he was trying to be mean.

Anyway, I leave OP to defend himself here. People are much too sensitive these days.

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Not all of us have a personal relationship with the OP. It’s not about being sensitive…its about what he said in his OP. If he’d like to clarify himself, fine, but his OP is a bit mean hearted.

If read it as: I love this new Catholic generation: it’s so geeky. But, how does our geekiness come across to outsiders?

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Given we actually believe a lot of weird stuff why in the blazes should we care? Are you really implying that we should change our geekiness because it’s not appealing?

If someone said, " I want to be Catholic but you’re so geeky it weirds me out" I’d tell them I was sorry but I am the way I am while interally thinking they should go kick rocks.

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No, I’m not suggesting that. But, public relations is part of evangelization. Even Jesus asked his disciple who the people thought he was.

If they are being themselves, I don’t see the problem here. The Church should welcome and proudly acknowledge its people, no matter how ‘weird’ they are.

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It’s not being sensitive (and that word is thrown around dismissively a bit too much). It’s about reading the words he posted.

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Yeah…what person he was…like Elija or John, not if he hung with the cool cats.

What are you suggesting then if the geeky aren’t being told to change? I don’t really see a good answer. That the church should have better PR avoiding the “geeky” (even if that’s a major representative) or that we should recruit more normals?

I for one think we should embrace the geeky image of this new generation. It completely blows apart the stereotype of orthodox Christians as folks suspicious of everything secular and thinking stuff like anime or video games are somehow evil. That would be my answer to the OP.

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