New Catholic Production Company

In response to the desperate need for “Hollywood” quality Catholic movies and TV programs we, Oasis Productions, are looking for people who have a desire to rise above mediocrity and set a new standard for Catholic television.

We need people who want to learn, who want to promote the Gospel, and are easy to work with. We have experienced tremendous growth and with that, the face of Catholic media will start to change. There are over 100 people dedicated to assisting Oasis Productions in lifting off the ground. We need as many people as possible to spread the word and become actively involved in making a difference.

Working together, we can organize a truly unique, truly Catholic production company that answers the call of the late Pope John Paul II for the new Evangelization. With your help we can create over 250 jobs that pay industry standard wages and offer great benefits.

Aaron McWilliams (Executive Producer)

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