New Catholic Quiz

This is a fun quiz for Catholics to see where they are in the understanding of their faith. Each question has only one correct answer, and each answer is explained according to the Baltimore Catechism. Take the quiz here.

It’s not too hard, but it isn’t really easy, either. Take the quiz and see where you measure up, and find out how much you need to close the door to the cafeteria of picking and choosing what to believe.

100%…I had to make a couple of strategic “guesses” but all in all a good quiz.

Your cafeteria is 100% closed!

…though I have to admit there was one question where I did not see what I felt was a “right” answer and picked what I figured they were looking for.

You can click on “see the answers” after the quiz and the correct responses are highlighted in red ink with an explanation from the Baltimore Catechism.

hahaha your cafeteria is 40% closed. I am shocked I did as well as I did believe it or not. I thought I would get them all wrong.

I got two questions “wrong.” I goofed by jumping to “being in a state of grace” as the right answer for the preparation to receive communion, and not looking carefully at all the answers (the right answer mentions the Eucharistic fast as well).

The other one I would dispute. The supposedly right answer is that the natural law is an expression of the will of God. But in my understanding the natural law stems from God’s nature, not His will. God’s will decides matters of divine positive law (such as that baptism is the means of regeneration), but not, as I understand it, questions of natural law, which cannot be other than they are, God being who He is.


My Cafeteria is 80% closed! I jumped the gun on the state of grace too!

Good point on question #1. Natural law could well be termed “the revealed truths of nature.” If by nature one means “Nature” as the design and order of God the Creator. God reveals the truth of Himself to us in Nature. Of course, usually when nature is used in that sense it is capitalized. I vote that anyone who chose “the revealed truths of nature” should get credit for the right answer!

I second that motion!

I thought that it would have been longer…90% isn’t too bad, though.

Sooooo close to a perfect 100 - I was tossing up whether the ‘faithful’ were just the laity or all Catholics and wrongly picked laity :crying:

I picked the first on this as well, but I’m not going to argue with the BC. It is what we use in our homeschooling Religion!

90% here, I believe that the phrasing of question #1 is in contravention of Natural Law…:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the one I messed up on. I got all the others right. I picked revealed truths of nature because I thought that God, as Creator, revealed all His truths to everyone, Catholic or not. Hence, why certain things are always wrong, such as murder and homosexual relations. That goes against how God created the world.

I’d never heard of the tearing of the veil at the temple. :shrug: Good thing ds is homeschooling so I can learn this stuff along with him. So for a kindergartener, I think I did pretty good on the quiz. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the same two wrong as well (giving me an 80%) - I too checked “being in a state of grace” without reading the rest of the answers.

Yup, that one got me, too:rolleyes: , so 90%

70% closed… sometimes being in the medical field can throw you off… well, maybe its just me…haha

BTW, paramedicgirl, this is a great quiz. :thumbsup: I always enjoy your quizzes. Please continue to post them. :slight_smile:

Cool quiz. But it looks like I have some studying to do!

Thanks Laura! They are fun to make, but they usually take a couple of hours to complete them. :slight_smile:

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