New Catholic Resource: Index of Church Fathers on Apologetics Topics

Hey folks!

I just completed a new resource that I think will be especially helpful for CAF users:

Index of Church Fathers on Apologetics Topics

This webpage is about the Church Fathers. They are arranged by dates they were active and doctrines they taught. The page has several useful features: if you want to know about a particular Father, you can see what Catholic doctrines his or her writings support. Each doctrine is clickable so you can go to a page about that doctrine (usually from Catholic Answers). There, you’ll find a fully-sourced selection from that Father about that topic, along with other Fathers who taught about it.

This new resource can also help you trace a doctrine’s development over the centuries. You can click any doctrine to see how that doctrine was supported by the Church Fathers in several centuries.

Have fun!

Wow, that’s really impressive! Did you do all that yourself?

Thanks for sharing!


Did you do all that yourself?

Yep! By the grace of God, I hope.

Thanks for sharing!

Your welcome!

Thank you for your work and for making this available.


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