New Catholic - want to share testimony


Was Protestant. Now Catholic since Easter Vigil. My story is that I grew up in a household with two parents who had been baptised into the Church of England but who never went to church. You get a lot of that in the UK - people will say ‘I’m Church of England’ but in a practical sense they don’t really live out a Christian faith. I started to go to Brownies (girl scouts) and they were invited to occasional church services which I always loved. I always used to ask my mother to take me to Sunday school but she was too busy looking after the family. Not her fault. When I got older (14,15) I started to go a youth club run by the Methodist church and they always had a little bit of the evening devoted to scripture. At the same time my mother got invited to an Alpha course by the same mother whose daughter I was friends with, and who I went to youth club with. Eventually my mother and I started going to Methodist church and I prayed the classic sinners prayer and powerfully felt the Holy Spirit. Long story short I started off very ‘well,’ ( although now realise we all fall short).got baptised aged 16 into Methodist church. Tee total no sex before marriage, go to church study. All well and good. Before long got mixed up in unhealthy rships with non Christians guys after I moved away to college, started drinking and losing my way. Got into a lot of debt. Eventually moved back home ten years later, met my now husband. Got back on track with my money thanks to my parents helping me and moved in and married my husband. During the time we were dating I poured out all the sadness I felt about my misguided rships and he agreed that we should stop sleeping together and that he would support me moving back to God. Gradually we prayed together regularly. From when we moved in until we got married in the Methodist church we refrained from full sex although there was some slip ups. Once married I got a job in an catholic school and it was like some bit of me was awakened. I hated that I couldn’t have communion and began an RCIA course so I could fully be in communion and be received into the church. During my first confession I said sorry for all the sexual sins I’d committed in my life and came out crying. I’m gradually working on myself and have confessed about once a month since my conversion this Easter. My husband came to mass with me in the last couple of weeks and now prays and tries to follow the Lord. He was also there at the Easter vigil. My maternal grandma was a catholic who married a Church of England man. Her family shunned her and that is the only reason I wasn’t born a catholic. Long story short - I KNOW my Lord has saved me and I am working towards perfection that I will only get after many trials. But he has paid my price. I would not be in this place without the Protestant church. They are our brothers and sisters. Thanks for reading my testimony anyone who does. Xx Thank you my Christian family


Thank you for sharing your story with us, and welcome home!


Thank you :slight_smile: Irish ancestry too :slight_smile:


Hello @halogirl .

Thanks for sharing your testimony .

Thanks for seeing your Protestant days as a blessing , and not as something to be forgotten , or even rejected .
God bless you now you are in full communion with the Catholic Church . God bless your husband , and your marriage .

It’s good that you know there are trials ahead . Yes , in a sense you have arrived , but that arrival is just another beginning along the pilgrimage of life .

And pleased don’t be put off by the rest of us Catholics in the UK . :wink: We can be an odd bunch .

Best wishes . :smile:


Definitely ! Have you ever seen that episode of the Simpsons where the Protestants are in Protestant heaven and are in the country club, and Jesus is amongst the Irish and Italians?


I have to ask what you mean by ‘in a sense you have arrived?’ What else must I do lol


I’ve never watched the Simpsons .

Well you have arrived by entering into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church , but that is only the start of the rest of your life which will have its inevitable ups and downs , one of the downs may be putting up with the Catholics already in the Church .


The classic Simspsons of the mid-1990s, when i was in High School, was some of the funniest tv ever made. The first season of the show is weak, but by season 3 they hit their stride. They started losing their mojo later in the 1990s, but they are still on, making it the longest running sitcom in American tv history. But it pretty much limps along now.


Would you like some Spirituall Direction?


Here’s the Simpson’s clip about Protestant and Catholic heaven. I think it is marvelous!!


This sums it up!


I think I’ve got it! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your story and welcome Home!


We are always on a journey. if you would like any spiritual advice, drop me a message


I guess what would you say to me privately in testimony? Message me


I have messaged you, gladly will share my testimony


That heaven seems bland.


Welcome Home! This story made me smile and feel so happy for you!

And from the Simpson’s video, I’d rather be with the Catholics! Of course, without that video, I know I just want to be resting in the arm’s of Christ and praising God for all eternity!


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