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I am completely new to the Catholic religion and am anxious to learn. I recently heard about something called “The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults”. I’ve searched this topic on my local parish’s webspace but found nothing. How might I find for information on this? :confused:

Call your parish office and ask about the RCIA. They are probably meeting weekly. If you are in a fairly large parish, they probably have a staff person who oversees the progra witht he parish priest; Formation Director PAstoral Associate, etc. Smaller parishes may have volunteers who assit the priest. Check out the bulletin as well. But you really need to call Someone will interview you and give you the information in the RCIA formation process for the parish.

I have volunteered with RCIA in my praish for over a decade…you will meet others who are on a journey of faith…and FYI, you will get out of the RCIA formation in relation to the effort - participation, attendence and study - that you put in. Nearly everyone who has come into our program has indicated they felt it beneficial - even those who ultimately did not enter into the church [or who have yet to enter the church - as some will come back at a later time]. I have nver had someone tell me they wasted their time or regretted attending…

Good Luck, May God Bless you on your walk of faith…I will be praying for you [and our RCIA participants] over the coming months! :gopray2:

Welcome!!!:slight_smile: This is a pretty good site ecatholic2000.com/rcia/rcia.shtml
I am currently in RCIA and it is wonderful!!!

Welcome! Good advice above. I would add that you might consider reading Catholicism for Dummies, (gee, I don’t like the title, but it is part of a series) written by Father John Triglilio which is a good intro to things Catholic. It will help you get a the big picture as you explore the faith. I recommend this since I am not sure how “new” you are to the Church. And, don’t forget to check into the RCIA in your local church.


I was confirmed in March 2007. I do not know your background but I have found the Catholic Church to be the fulfillment of all that as come before for me. My baptist and Methodist upbringing baited me, when I became Catholic I was hooked. God Bless you in your quest and I pray you find all you are searching for!

You should be careful. It cannot be stressed enough that sometimes what they teach in the RCIA is not what the Church actually teaches and many people end up thinking stuff about the Church that it doesn’t teach. If you are going to RCIA, supplement the teachings there with reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church and The Bible.

What specifically to you want to know? It is Sunday school for adults. Usually converts and wayward Catholics who did not complete their education and sacraments. Typical about 40 classes, plus a one day retreat, plus a visit to the Diocese. On Easter baptism, Eucharist (communion), and confirmation occur for those who have completed the class.

You are SO gonna enjoy RCIA classes. I hope you find a class soon! Congrats in advance… you will love the Catholic FAITH!

I grew up in a pentacostal-christian home. My mother was a youth pastor in our church until she passed away several years ago. Since then I haven’t been active in ANY church. Then I met my fiance who’s parents are catholic. Over the years I’ve begun to build interest in thier church…and now here I am. Yearning to learn more.

Welcome aboard! My Grandmother was Pentecostal she never really accepted the alcohol and dancing. Yet we never had much alcohol or dancing. Anyway we are glad to see you here.

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