New Catholics.

When an adult decides to be a Catholic and they go through RCIA and are baptised during the Easter Vigil, do they still need to do conformation at some point or is it incorporated into the baptism?


Done at the Easter vigil.

Baptism if needed, Confirmation, and Holy Communion. Three-in-one! :thumbsup:

This is the usual way. Depending on the diocese and preference of the bishop, adults may be confirmed at a later date instead, often near Pentecost.

I was baptized in an evangelical church, do I received confirmation and first Eucharist at Easter Vigil. We had first reconciliation a few weeks prior on our RCIA RETREAT.

the unbaptized, were baptized and then confirmed with us right after all the baptisms.

It was the greatest day of my life :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers but I thought only the Bishop could do conformations or is that just when teenagers are confirmed?

It is my understanding that the Bishop is the ordinary minister for confirmation. One of the specific exemptions in which a priest can confirm is the Easter Vigil (which makes sense since there is only one night for this, the bishop can’t be at all the parishes that night).

This link explains it all well.

Or the bishop can recommend a priest to do confirmations. For example my bishop was ill and had a monsignor do his confirmations for him. Unfortunately my bishop has passed on.

The rite of Christian initiation includes three sacraments, Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.

In general, adult catechumens received all three in the same celebration, usually the Easter Vigil Mass, by a priest.

For young people, they may postpone Confirmation until a later date in which they will
receive more education about the faith and then be Confirmed by the Bishop, along with others their age.

If a person was Baptized in another religion, it may be recognized by the Catholic Church and that person would only need to receive Confirmation and the Eucharist.

A priest can discern if Baptism is necessary or not.


It just depends where you are. I went through the RCIA program and became a Catholic in 1992 at Easter. Our Confirmation took place 6 months later.

Canon Law:

Can. 883 The following possess the faculty of administering confirmation by the law itself:
1/ within the boundaries of their jurisdiction, those who are equivalent in law to a diocesan bishop;
2/ as regards the person in question, the presbyter who by virtue of office or mandate of the diocesan bishop baptizes one who is no longer an infant or admits one already baptized into the full communion of the Catholic Church;
3/ as regards those who are in danger of death, the pastor or indeed any presbyter.

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