New changes in life


i am feeling a little lost as this is also the time that my divorce is being finalised… please pray for me so that I am able to be stable and get a job somewhere close to home so that i do lose my friends who have now become my support structure and family…

thank you for your prayers… i feel that ur prayers have brought me this far…


I practically could have written this post too. I am in the same boat. I have my oldest son telling me that his dad is going to quit his job and move to Germany, so I am trying to figure out a way to be able to support my family and still be able to live here because I have found in my time of need that I do have so many people here who care.

Just letting you know you can count on my prayers.


I’m praying, too. I know this is a tough, tough transition–because I’ve been there.


thank you so much everyone… i know that u pray for me every time and many have been praying for me while i have been going through this horrible thing without asking… do continue to pray… i dont know what HIS plans are for me… i only know that it is to prosper and not to condemn…


You are divorced?


There is nothing worse than a bitter divorce. Don’t let it rot your soul like it does to so many. I had friends that divorced and became bitter people who always lashed out at innocent people. Don’t let that happen to you.


do not give advice where it is not asked for… i asked for prayers not advice… again your thread was shut down becos of your own word and thoughts…

it is not just me but a lot of other people on that thread that had the same opinion if you remember and i think i was the only one who was getting divorced.

do not respond to any of my threads again… i do not respond based on bias but u do seeing that u searched for this thread and responded to it… i will be complaining to the moderator if you do so in the future… as i mentioned in the your thread… someone who does not know how to take advice should restrain from giving it…


yeah best of luck


I know you are scared … but I also know you have a great deal of trust and faith. You will do beautifully, Miriam, I really believe that! And, of course, you are in my prayers but please remember me in your prayers as well!


I hate hearing all these terrible divorce stories. God be with you Mariam.


i will definitely remember you in my prayers…

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