New comer's greeting to everyone

Good day!

I just found this great site, there are so many stuff here but I just want to start with one simple and silly question, I hope I can get answer from you:

My church is using “Gather” as the hymn book. Where can I buy the book “Gather” as well as the CD (if there is one)? I remember I’ve seen it somewhere but it was way too expensive, just seems that someone is using that to make money.

Every time I went to church, I was always impressed by those beautiful hymns, sometimes they can make me cry. The latest one is last Sunday’s “All that we have”, it’s 601 in Gather, I am actually listening to it now on YouTube:

Very beautiful, I have listened to it again and again for the whole night, and I do really want to learn it so I started to search for it on Internet, but I just couldn’t find piano sheet with the hymn lyric.

And there are so many beautiful hymns I like to listen and I want to learn, I am wondering if there is any website that provides free download, users are encouraged to donate and people should not use this as a tool to make money, right?

Can anyone tell me more on this? I am really very new to Catholic.

Thank you.

Hi mdivk, welcome to CAF!

You can buy Gather from Amazon for $10, and I’m sure if you Google around, or go to your local Catholic bookstore, you can find it elsewhere too. To my knowledge, there’s no accompanying CD – it’s a fairly big hymnal.

All That We Have is by a group of then-seminarians called The Dameans. It’s on Vol. 1 of their greatest hits, which you can order from the publisher here, or you can get the individual track as an mp3 here.

You can also hear it in the original version on one of the podcasts that accompany composer Ken Canedo’s book on the folk Mass revolution called Keep the Fire Burning. Go to this page and play the podcast for Chapter Ten(e). It took quite a while for it to load for me, but it’s there. The song starts at about 8:32. You’ll be able to hear the original lyrics (“Some men rely on their power”), which have been gender-neutralized in later hymnals.

Hello, hello, mdivk, a very warm welcome to you!
Don’t be afraid to check out all the groups. Find a few that interest you and get in there and meet some new friends!
See you around the site!!

Welcome amongst us! :slight_smile:
May God continue to bless and lead you.

Thanks for all replies, and special thanks to Mark Thompson for the PodCast links, however, I just don’t understand, I don’t see most of the Hymns I heard in my mass, for example, Sing to the Mountain, Silient Night, … I am so confused now, I am sure I attended a Roman Catholic Church because that’s my daughter’s church and she is in a “Catholic” school.

Then where are those commoner hymns? I mean, is it possible to get a free download somewhere in Internet? or any kind of share? the one being sold in some publisher is just way too expensive, $200 for a CD, I don’t think that’s a price everyone would be willing to purchase.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Those podcasts just accompany one author’s book that he wrote about Catholic folk music in the '60s and '70s, they’re not a comprehensive collection of every hymn and they have nothing to do with the Gather hymnal.

As to the rest, generally, there aren’t free CD-quality downloads of copyrighted music. If you look, though, you can usually find some type of recording of what you’d like: for instance, try here for several versions of Sing to the Mountains, and click here for Silent Night (Bing Crosby recording). If you want sheet music, my suggestion would be to go to a music store or a good Catholic bookstore, and they ought to be able to help you find what you need or special-order it.

Thank you Mark. I found a local store and am going to check it out when I have time.

You’re welcome – good luck!

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