New coming out about the OF in 2014?

I saw this on Corpus Christi Watershed’s website. Any speculation on what it might be? The picture containing the news about the OF is at the bottom of the page.

I have no idea, but I suspect it is a product from them.

I agree. The Vatican does not play these kind of advertising games when they are announcing something important.

I’d agree with that; probably a hymnal or something of that sort. :slight_smile:

I’m siding with y’all now that I re-look at the website

However, what it may be I don’t know because they already have tons of OF resources, including the famed but ironically-named (named such on purpose) Vatican II Hymnal.

Why is that ironic?

They stopped selling that hymnal which is why the announcement is probably about a second edition.

Its ironic because most of the music that people think of as post Vatican II would never be in it (no “Here I am Lord”, “Taste and See”, etc.) When I first heard of it I assumed it was yet another contemporary or folk hymnal. I believe it was named with the intent of what the publisher sees as the music intended by V II rather than what OCP tosses out. I would agree that its mostly an announcement about a second edition.

The site says the Vatican II hymnal isn’t available to order right now, so I suspect a second edition is about to be released. Most good books are revised and released in new editions, and these hymnals are outstanding. They are, by far, the best I’ve ever seen. I also have a lot of respect for this company because they provide the accompaniments online for free. After using them since they first came out, however, I can definitely see some areas where they could be improved (lower keys, more common melodies to popular hymn texts as a few of them use very obscure tunes, and other things like that). A second edition would be great.

True, traditional music from few-strings-attached providers is often/usually immensely cheaper than buying just about anything from big-name publishers.

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