New countdown to close?


Does anyone know why a 2 day old thread would receive a notice that it will close in seven hours? Does it mean the thread is considered bad or is it a regular feature of certain types of threads now? The thread is not in the casual forum and it isn’t super long.


This thread is set to close in 7 hours. Maybe it’s a new feature of certain subfora?


Oh! Now it says 14 days. That is odd.


I don’t know. I recall seeing that type of unexpected message on a thread before. I just assumed it was a glitch.


Yes, Lou2U, that is what seemed possible to me, but perhaps Joe is right and it is a glitch.

I’ve just had a thought…maybe it is a soft close of a thread? Where the mods want to close it but also want people to still be able to post a few replies that seem necessary?


I did wonder about that.


I’ve noticed this happen more and more to certain threads. The software automatically closes threads if there are too many flags, but that isn’t to my knowledge what is happening here. I mean I personally don’t notice anything rude or against the rules in the threads.


Perhaps CAF sees yet another “communion in the hand verses OTT” or “mass attire” or “confession etiquette” and decides to duck. You know, this topic will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 poof.


I just came across two closed threads. Once said “This thread was automatically closed after 17 hours.” The other was after 5 hours. I have to think it’s tied to flagging, but I’m not sure how.


Can we always see the flags? I’m on one now with a countdown and there are no posts that have that “click here to see the hidden post” flag thing.


We can only see that a post has been flagged when it has received a sufficient number of them that the system hides the post. So I suppose it is possible that a number of different posts have all received just a few flags each.

Or maybe it’s not about flagging but something else. :thinking:


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