New dad needs to take the weight off, suggestions?

I am looking for advice from any dads or suggestions from anyone. It seems that since our daughter was born I have added a ton of weight. I was wondering if this is common for dads and how to take off the weight without a lot of time. God Bless.

congratulations and blessings on your family

I have known men who went through pregnancy and labor sympathetically with their wives and gained weight also. since your spare time is now taken up with demands of a newborn, like mom you also have little time for exercise or proper meal planning, but it is essential for both of you. Try to work out a schedule where you can spell each other so each has time at least for a walk each day, until baby is old enough to be taken out. Take turns meal planning and cooking properly as well–you both need a break from baby care and this is a good one.

short best first step is get rid of sodas and junk food and stock healthy snacks and frozen meals until you have time for proper cooking.

It seems that we went from eating full meals, to eating pizza at 8 after the baby goes to bed. At 31, I feel that if i don’t get back on track now, I will just get unhealthier.

That’s great news. Well one way to start is to walk. We men can drop a good amount from just walking. Also giving up the junk food won’t hurt too. But start out slowly, this is where most us fail in shedding the extra pounds. That’s why I say, start with diet change and walking. Then you’ll notice your feeling a bit better in a week or two “maybe three” and you’ll want to keep doing a little more each week.
Good luck and play it safe and take your time. It took you months to put it on, it will take the same to remove it. :thumbsup:

I put on weight with each of the kids, as I ate a bowl of ice cream each night with my wife during each pregnancy. She was getting her calcium - I was just putting on pounds.

My kids are all teenagers now. About six years ago I started going to the gym, and a couple of years ago I started to run, both treadmills and outside.

The thing that strikes me is that those trails I run on (and the sidewalks) were there 15-20 years ago, too. I just didn’t use them. Younger, it certainly would have been easier to get in the habit then. Instead, I just continued to slob along doing nothing but eat.

So, my exhortation is to eat a little more heathily (yes, its a word:D) and start walking, either alone or with your spouse. Start arranging your life as a father to thrive, not just survive.

If you’re really in a struggle to find enough time to work out (I can’t imagine why time would be an issue lol) I would recommend Tony Horton’s 10 minute trainer.

If you pair this with the included diet plain (Lean Jean + Tony’s suggestions) you’ll really melt off the pounds. If you want a major gigantic life change, and to really put on muscle I would recommend P90X

Though I’ll warn you, in order to get the advertised results you need to strictly follow the diet, and put in 1hr / day 7 days a week (don’t worry, one of those days is a stretch day lol) as well as be getting your supplaments in, vitamines, stop with the beer/wine/mixed drinks/coke a cola/etc.

If you really really really want gigantor changes, do both at the same time :slight_smile:

That should give you a lot of options with varrying amounts of time you can dedicate to your fitness from just 10 minutes a day to well over an hour a day. The most important and key part of all of these options is diet diet diet… You need to be eating the right foods and the right amounts of them.

I need to stop making excuses and get on a plan. I used to be in great shape, and now I look like every other dad I see (tired, overweight and eating snacks when bored.) I need to be my own best motivator, but it is hard to do. My wife looks great after having a baby 6 months ago and she is back to spinning class. I feel bad that she has to look at me. I need to lose 20lbs and I will be back to where I need to be. I bought the perfect push-ups, but used only a few times. Has anyone used these?

It is really simple. Eat less. Get rid of processed foods and simple carbs/sugars. Eat much smaller portions (one slice of pizza as opposed to 4).

DH took off 50 lbs in the past 6 months this way. He looks and feels great!

I gained a LOT of weight in the past couple of years. And I’ve been back and forth but last month I decided that enough was enough. And I made a decision that I was going to walk for at least an hour every day. No matter what the weather is like etc. (I will admit that I missed two days. But both days I tried to get exercise in another way and felt guilty about)
I’m up to about five miles a day… And really walking is a time you can spend with God too.

I am also making an effort to eat healthier. I’m trying to just make better choices. More fruit/vegatables. Less junk. I’m not telling myself that I’‘ll never have this bad food again. I’m just telling myself I wont’ eat this bad food every day. If I’m going to have something bad, I’m trying to make sure

  1. Is it something I’ve had recently (like yesterday) I won’t have it. If its been in three weeks or so, and I"ve been good that day, and I can’t get it off my mind. I just may let myself have it. But in a small portion.

  2. Is it something I really want to have. A week ago somebody brought cupcakes to work. I like cupcakes and all, but I decided against having it. Because I felt like if I was going to eat something unhealthy I’d really rather have it be something I really want (like)

Another thing learning is its better to just make sure you eat but fairly well. Whenver I for me try to go really low on my calories, I lose actually less than when I just try to make more reasonable choices.

I’ve actually lost quite a bit of weight so far. I’m not perfect but I think coming up with a plan you can live with makes the most sense.

Smaller portions is the way to go. I heard one person suggest that you should work on just one plate. One thing I told my mother when she told me she bought a whole frozen pizza. Mom if you really feel a taste for this kind of pizza,why don’t you get one of those little Weight watchers pizzas. It will give your pizza taste but in a small portion size.:wink: I don’t think we should live on those foods. But it can be a smart way to get rid of a craving in a limited way.


Eat healthy

easier said than done! I know!

Going for long walks with the new baby in the stroller ( mom too ). Buying food from the outside corners of the grocery store.

Last year I got a treadmill and started using the iPod touch app called Lose It. It had me keep track of my exercise and caloric intake. It worked pretty well. Here are some cool videos from a priest called Healthy Catholic.

This is a great suggestion. Everyone getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. Plus you have some time to talk with each other. You’ll walk farther than you expected b/c you get engrossed in conversation. Also, the baby likes it b/c he/she gets to see new things.

Lay off the before bedtime snacks. Start a run/walk routine. 20 mins a day. Run for a minute, walk for a minute, run/walk, run/walk. As it gets easier, up the run time, keep the walk at a minute, let your heart rate come down, and then bring it back up. Good luck.

Well, first off, weight loss does take time–you should not be making massive drops in weight on a weekly basis. I’ve been using SparkPeople as my program–daily menus, grocery lists, exercise plans. The main thing w/ SparkPeople is portion control (recognizing what a real portion is and eating just the proper portion) and exercise. The two things must go together.

Slow and steady wins the race (and of course, walking with mom & baby can be a good plan, especially if you do this after dinner instead of eating seconds/large portions of dessert).

I lost 88 pounds by just eating smaller meals. You can keep track of what you are eating using . It doesn’t take that long and it keeps the calorie count for you so you know how you are doing. It’s surprising how fast they add up!

Also, “know thyself”. I cannot lose weight through dieting. It’s not effective for me, and I end up very tired because I really do need a lot of calories for someone my size, so I quit being as active . . . and gain weight. But 30 minutes of exercise a day keeps me at a very healthy weight, regardless of diet! Other people truly cannot lose weight without restricting calories. So think about what works for YOU - everyone is different.

Have you ever tried to lose weight before? When you were at your healthiest weight, what were you doing - what was your lifestyle, and what changed? It sounds like you already know some of the answers.

If you are busy and struggling to fit in exercise, maybe you can combine it with Daddy time? Babies love to go for walks, and they can be great “weights” while doing situps or curls - choose your exercise with your baby based on whether the baby can hold its head, sit up, etc., since you don’t want to strain the baby. Waltz with your child tucked into your arms. See if your baby is old enough to sit in a jogging stroller, too - I know one dad who took up jogging to lose weight, and it dropped off. Also, try and “think active”. Does your wife need a glass of water? Tell her to sit and jog to the kitchen to pick it up for her. Take the stairs at work. Do everything the hard way, just to see if you can.

See if you can find some other guys to work out with (or gals . . . the jogger I mentioned earlier found a group of mostly moms - his wife’s friends - who are thrilled to have him along for their early morning “it’s still dark out” jogging group). Making exercise social means it’s harder to just drop out silently . . . someone’s going to wonder where you were :smiley:

I have less ideas on dieting, other than, “If it’s in the house, you’re gonna eat it.” Don’t bring unhealthy snack foods into the house. Do buy lots of fresh produce to eat, plus nuts and other healthy snacks. I find planning for healthy snacks is a big help, since I love to snack and it is actually a very healthy habit - as long as the snacks stay healthy. People who snack do eat more calories on average, but they also burn them more easily and overall end up winning in general.

I like to buy snacks in all 5 food groups, since that gives me a range of choices to fill specific cravings. If I want ice cream, maybe it’s calcium I want - so yogurt might be better. If I want candy, it’s probably sugar - so I grab fruit instead. Hamburger? Could be protein (nuts) or iron (spinach leaves w/ balsamic vinegar - vitamin C helps asorb iron - and olive oil) and maybe fat (either of the earlier two suggestions has healthy fats). Your late-night pizza might be an attempt to cram in fat and calories at the end of a day where you’ve been too busy to eat, but calories right before bed are the hardest to lose - so set aside some time in the mid-afternoon to eat a high-protein, high-healthy-fat snack so you don’t feel like you desperately need calories before bed (fat and protein fill calorie cravings for longer and keep blood sugar more even than sugars do - use sugars for a quick pick-me-up and then follow w/ protein so you don’t crash again as soon as all the sugars get burned)

Replace the majority of, but not all, your bread/rice/potato/flour intake with veggies or lean protein.

Trying to lose some pounds here, too!
I would say increase walking, if even a little more each day. Also, watch portion sizes. I try to eat am amount no larger than a clenched fist at every meal, as I once read that is the approximate size to strive before which won’t stretch the stomach any further.
Chew gum instead of snacking, or have lots of cut up veggies and no dip to snack on. Lastly, drink lots of water!

What I need is food discipline and a plan. I get up at 5am to get ready for work and to feed the baby. Maybe I need to get up at 4am and exercise. Just not sure what to do? I have been walking the dog at the local golf course lately as it is covered in snow for about 30-40 minutes a day. I love to cook and food is a serious weakness. But we live on the ocean and I want to be able to go to the beach without feeling self conscious this summer. At my healthiest I ate no red meat and worked out 5 days a week, also had very little to no sugar.

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