NEW Diocesan approved Franciscan community for Catholic widows and women over 40 years old-The Family of Jacopa Association

The Family of Jacopa Association in Steubenville, Ohio, USA began September 14, 2012 and as of August 28, 2013 has Diocesan written permission to form and live the new Franciscan charism. I am the Foundress and welcome all Catholic widows and women over 40 years old that are seeking a closer relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Family of Jacopa has three groups; The Family of Jacopa (Seculars) is for women who want a Franciscan sisterly relationship with like-minded women, who want to live in their own homes yet have religious formation in the Franciscan charism and the Catholic faith. The Sisters of Jacopa is for women who want to be consecrated as religious Sisters, wear a habit and live at the Motherhouse. The Family of Jacopa Associates are men and women and families that not only want to promote, support and help the FJ (Seculars) and The Sisters of Jacopa, but also want to participate in some of the special talks, retreats, work days and fundraisers. Please see our website: and then call (740)275-6168 or email:
Pax et Bonum,
Kathleen A. Marshall, OFS

Hello again,
A nice lady from Ireland, just left me a telephone message but did not give her contact information. I can not call outside of the U.S.A. on my cell phone. She also said that she emailed me, but I have not received it.
Please email me again dear lady so that we can communicate. I am at;


Kathleen Marshall, OFS

S. G. from Ireland, your emails still have not come through. I am very happy that we got a chance to speak on the telephone last night though. I have sent you an email from the info that you gave me, please let me know if you received it.

YES, ladies, The Family of Jacopa (Seculars) and the Sisters of Jacopa are receiving inquiries from around the world! God is good and seems to want this new community to begin and grow. We have interest and acceptance from our Episcopal Vicar for Religious and our Bishop to begin and grow. We are sponsored by our local Order of Franciscan Secular Fraternity and the local Third Order Regular Priests and Sisters. We have local and national Catholic teachers who have said that they would participate in our formation through written classes, in person or through various forms of media (like SKYPE).

Please contact me with any questions at (740) 275-6168
or by email at:

Pax et Bonum,
Kathleen Marshall, OFS
106 Cunningham Lane, Apt. 1 R
Steubenville, OH 43953

  • Praised be Our Lord Jesus + for founding the Family of Jacopa Association.
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