New disabled catholic delima

New catholic RCIA 2008. What if someone becomes catholic
And then later feels the Holy Spirit calling me back to Protestant ?
I got tubes tied 2006 after lots of prayer. I’m engaged to my Jewish fiancé
We started go back to my past church nondenominational
He was moved got baptized I love my young adult group
at my Catholic Church and nice priest I spoke to him about
My worries . I will not be able to be open to life since my tubes are tied
I never wanted children but always wanted to share my life with
someone. I’m disabled and my fiancé is too
We want to marry at the beach and have a Jewish wedding
The born again church doesn’t take away communion rights
tell me our marriage is invalid
Not trying be rude I’m having trouble with these catholic rules
They didn’t really discuss at RCIA
Born agains have more for us disabled people
Lots have vasectomy tubes tied take birth control
I got tubes tied so I wouldn’t
Have to worry and me and my fiancé can enjoy each other
I couldn’t take care of kids
We on disability we go to bible. Study for disabled
Some are married and have had vasectomy and tube tied
It’ at place I go now. My Jewish fiancé goes there
Too we born again now

How do I void my RCIA ?
I have now become member at a born again church
With my Jewish fiancé
I’m sorry if I upset anyone I’m bipolar asperger

You don’t have to “void” RCIA. You just tell them you don’t want to go anymore. I think you should consider talking with your RCIA instructor about the teachings of the Church you are struggling with.

God bless.

Yes thank you . I worry and stress over everything panic attacks I take meds
What if I person becomes catholic and then later on really feels
It not the right place. I really love saddleback rick warrens church
The book purpose driven life really speak to me.
They have special bible studies and support groups
For bipolar and Aspergers and easy to understand
Thank you

May God guide and protect you and your fiance.

Creator God, we are your people. We look to the future with optimism and with faith in You, as we pursue our call to provide justice and fullness of life for all people with disabilities.

We pray that every man, woman and child may develop their potential and meet You in themselves and in one another.

May we enjoy a totally welcoming community, with You as our center, joined hand in hand with our sisters and brothers. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

Based on the Pastoral Statement of U.S.
Catholic Bishops on People with Disabilities

I just don’t feel welcome as a catholic after 6 years my new friends
The RCIA teachers got transferred to another perish
My young adult friends at Catholic Church
They love me know matter what.
I need lots of prayer. I was Protestant before and then catholic
Cause I love the real Eucharist but after some years
And really wondering if I made right choice
I fit in more with Protestants
I love amy grant rick warren Calvary chapels
Radio station really deep bible . Wish they believes real Eucharist
My cats are me and my fiancés babies

You simply withdraw from RCIA. I worked with disabled adults for 15 years and understand the many issues they face concerning conception. You have my prayers for your decision. You might find it helpful to discuss with your pastor in terms of any culpability you may or may not have in this area.

My friend, it certainly is not the Holy Spirit telling you to be protestant. When we have desires to take the easy, permissive paths in life, as we all do, those ideas are not coming from Heaven.

You may have gone through RCIA but that does not mean that you were fully catechized in Christ’s teachings. You can be Catholic and marry a Jewish man with the Church’s blessing. Nor does your tubal ligation negate your ability to be a Catholic Christian. Please talk to an experienced priest about this. No offense to Rick Warren or Amy Grant but they do not have any advantage over the Apostolic Christian Faith that the Church has preached for two thousand years.

Friedlander79, you don’t need to be fertile to be a good Catholic. There is no need to renounce anything.

The Catholic Church doesn’t exclude anyone. It sounds like you are heading in the direction of protestant, but realize you are not forced to.

We need you!

You have disabilities, yes. You also have GIFTS! The almighty God has blessed you with many beautiful gifts. We love you and we need you to be a part of the Catholic Church that Jesus Christ founded.

Any church is going to disappoint you eventually. I am sorry to say that, but it is true. Every church is made up of people, and people are sinners, sad, lonely, sometimes rude or unkind.

You have many questions and they are good questions. Please take your time and seek the answers to all of your questions, especially about marriage. However please know that if you left the Catholic Church it would be awful. Of course we can give more to you, but you can also give more to others. You have a lot to give, we need your talents, your gifts, your personality, everything that God gave you. God bless you please be assured of my prayers.

Thanks I guess just still learning
I have gone to both catholic and Protestant
My dad Jewish my fiancé uncle a messianic
Rabbi Jews for Jesus . It very different being cradle catholic
And new catholic I’ve know catholics who’ve
gone Protestant and then returned catholic
Years later wonder if it happens to catholic
Converts too. Guess what we grow up with
I’m 34 now but think like a 15 year old
Aspergers is high functioning autism
Bipolar is a mood disorder ups and downs
I do act normal though I fart in public and pick
My nose my fiancé likes to pick his nose too

Don’t stress about it! God loves you and obviously people around you love you too!

I vote you just keep learning. You always have a home hear and at your local Catholic Church :slight_smile:

You’re not denied communion if you had your tubes tied for health reasons.
I’m in a hurry but, if your RCIA instructor is telling you that I can find the reference in the Catechism for them.
Also, nothing says your husband has to be Catholic either. The only issue is that you must promise to raise any children in the Catholic Church in order to get married in the church.
But since there are no children, that’s not an issue.
(You should, however, IMHO, get married in the church as a very clear declaration that God is the major component - the binding force of your marriage and lives. You need God in your marriage from the very start. That’s just my own 2 cents though. )

Yes, do keep learning, but I have serious concerns about your RCIA instructor if you have been told these incorrect teachings.

Please talk to a priest about these things. Every concern you have. You can call and make an appointment, or just try to catch one after Mass.
Please try. It’s important that you are clear in the matter and leaving for the right reasons as opposed to lies or misunderstandings.

I will pray for you. Blessings on your decisions and your life ahead.

God would still be in the marriage if we had a messianic
Jews for Jesus wedding I’m half Jewish
My fiances uncle is a messianic Jews for Jesus rabbi.
Jesus is called Yeshua . After all he was Jewish
Also if it at a beach or park or Disneyland as long
As long as a pastor/ rabbi is present it is of God
RCIA instructor did not tell me this stuff .
I already graduated . My question was if I should
Nowhere in the bible does it say we have to
Marry in a building . The beach is nature
Which I feel Gods presence .

Please discuss your situation with a Catholic priest.

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