New Discovery Channel Documentary


Should be interesting…


Rameses: Wrath of God or Man?

Airing on the Discovery Channel today – Sunday, Dec. 5 – at 9PM Eastern./Pacific.

yeah…should be interesting… especially since I know nothing about the history.

so, silly me, I took the interactive quiz located at the Fun & Games section at the bottom center on that Web page.

**"Pharaoh or Fraud?"
Take the quiz. **

If you took that quiz, may I ask how you did? I did pretty poorly… but, then again, I didn’t expect to do very well with it.

It WAS fun, though! Plus, now I’m more likely to watch it tonight.



4 out of 7…Guess I would make a rotten Egyptian “god”. Oh well.

I love history, so this program should be good. Not sure how acurate it will though. They DID like to rewrite history to make them look better.


i saw the program last night very interesting.sometimes i wonder is the bible is full of metaphors?:confused:


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