New dishwasher?


Our automatic dishwasher is a piece of junk. We end up having to clean the dushes before they go in or we end up with baked on crud. It’s almost pointless! The only thing in it’s favor right now is that I am hoping that things are at least getting sanitized:rolleyes:

I am wondering if any of you have recently bought a new dishwasher and what you would recommend. I see that the newer ones have a “hard food disposer”… is that a good feature? It sounds great, but I don’t want to get it if it turns out to be one of those hassles like a fridge with an icemaker.

I want something that will clean my dishes without me having to hand wash them first!!! I don’t care about stainless steel interiors etc or digital control pads.

So, what do you suggest?



Our 5y old maytag quiet series 300 has a bad display, broken handle, and turns orange inside if you have tomato sauce on anything.

Other than that it does a great job at getting the dishes clean. You really don’t have to pre-clean at all.

The hard food disposer is a non-feature. They design the pump so it can chop stuff up before it goes down the drain. I think the regular ones do this anyway. Sure wouldn’t depend on it to be a disposal.

My sister has a Bosch that was $$$$ but appears to be phenomenal. You can’t hear it run.


you mean they make dishwashers that actually WASH the dishes???

lol. I was raised to ALWAYS RINSE THE DISHES by my parents (esp. my dad). Can’t tell you how many times I heard my dad thundering a lecture about “the dishwasher is meant to sterilize! you must rinse!”

Now, married and with my OWN dishwasher…I’m still rinsing. :rolleyes: Out of habit. DH can never tell if what’s in the dishwasher is dirty or clean, because it generally all looks the same at first glance. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a 8 year old Kitchenaid. It’s been very good. Not a cheap unit but not the most expensive either. When buying a dishwasher get something that is quiet and recommended by Consumer groups for reliability. Don’t buy a cheap one…the cheap ones are terrible. Quiet models are worth the money. A noisy dishwasher becomes an annoyance over time even if it does a good job.


I just bought a Jennair model JDB2100AWS and I love, love, love it.

It cleans the dishes really well, even the baked on crud. It has a lot of settings/options, and it’s a three tier rack with adjustable racks, and each rack has many adjustable features as well. That gives lots of flexibility for making different things fit.

I love this dishwasher!


We installed brand new Kenmore appliances in our previous (brand new) house 5 years ago, and 2 years later the dishwasher motor gave out.:frowning: (However, I will never admit this to my husband:p , but it was my fault since I left a Little Debbie wrapper in a cup and stuck it in the dishwasher and the paper got caught up in the motor.:o ) So, we bought a Whirlpool to replace it, and it was still working like a charm the day we sold the house last month!

We are starting construction on a new house soon, and I plan on installing Maytag or Kenmore appliances. I’ve read/heard alot of good things about Maytag, and I was very pleased with the Kenmores too!:slight_smile:


Just one question. Is sanitized crud any better than regular crud?

Any way I will pray for you, for putting up with my lame sense of humor.


When my husband proposed to me, I said Yes… if you get a dishwasher! :smiley: Just kidding. I did nag his ears off to get one though. He bought me one for our first Christmas. How romantic! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think ours is a Maytag. We’ve had it for 5 years now. It does a pretty good job. Sometimes it doesn’t get all the little dried on, baked on stuff, but I rarely ever pre rinse or soak either.


I have a Whirlpool that works very well. Brought it about 5 years ago for $300. Anything in that range (probably a little more now) should work well for you.

Also, I don’t rinse unless they are really dirty. I told my wife that a dishwasher is supposed to wash the dishes (hence the name) and it usually does!

If your hubby is at all mechanically inclined, he can replace it himself. It took me 3 hours to do it myself. Yes, it’s longer then it would have taken a professional to put it in, but it saved a ton of money. Simple electrical and plumbing work.

Anyway, good luck whatever you get,



Kitchenaid is made by Whirlpool. We just got an Kitchenaid dishwasher which is stainless steel inside and out. I bought it at best buy and got free delivery and installation. Works great and had good rating. The stainless steel inside will last longer then any dishwasher so you don’t need it, it just looks good!
for the sake of his sorrowful passion,


I think we have a Whirlpool… no maybe a Kenmore?.. I forget! LOL! (I’m at work now)…
It’s about 6 years old… we just got a basic dishwasher (no special features), and it’s working perfectly still!

I think a lot of it depends on the soap you use too… they best kinds have certain enzymes that work to break up the foods…
We get the generic Costco brand (Kirkland Signature) and have never had a problem… I’ve never seen food on my dishes… although I do pre-wrinse the big stuff…


WE just got a Maytag quiet one - it’s great! We can barely hear it when it runs, plus the shelves are adjustable for taller cookie sheets, bigger bowls, and other stuff. It also separates the silverware, so no 2 stick together during the wash cycle.


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