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Does anyone know when next Oct the holy father is going to make Hildegard and another the newest doctors of the church?


St. Hildegard and St. John of Avila will be declared Doctors of the Church on Oct. 7th this year.

Can anyone point me to a link(s) that explain well why St Hildegard and St John of Avila will be declared doctors of the Church?

I understand why they are Saints. I’m not sure I understand why they are to be Doctors of the Church.


Here are a few links that have general info.

Here is the link to Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement with brief summation.

Hildegard was a Benedictine nun in the heart of medieval Germany, an authentic teacher of theology and a profound scholar of natural science and music. John, a diocesan priest in the years of the Spanish Renaissance, shared in the travail of the cultural and religious renewal of the Church and of all society at the dawn of modern times. But the sanctity of their life and the profundity of their doctrine render them perennially relevant: the grace of the Holy Spirit, in fact, projected them into the experience of penetrating understanding of divine revelation and intelligent dialogue with that world which constitutes the eternal horizon of the life and action of the Church.

Especially in light of the project for a new evangelization, to which the Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, mentioned above will be dedicated on the eve of the Year of Faith, these two Saints and Doctors are of considerable and timely importance. Even today, through their teaching, the Spirit of the Risen Lord continues to resonate his voice and illuminate the way which leads to the Truth that alone can set us free and give full meaning to our lives.

Pope Benedict XVI speaking on Saint Hildegard of Bingen during General audiences – September 1, 2010 and September 8, 2010.

An article by seminarian Br. John Paoletti regarding St. John of Avila becoming a doctor of the Church.

Also, a good overview of the topic of Doctors of the Catholic Church.


A very controversial question:

Do you know if SSPX has a special point of view on the Doctors of Church, who are women, like Bishop Richard Williamson? Do you know if there is a debate inside the SSPX on this topic: can a woman be declared Doctor of the church? For me, yes, it is, of course, because the Roman catholic Church says yes (I trust to my Church).

But, for some critics of Vatican II, it is only after Vatican II, that the catholic church, for the first time, declares some females, like being Doctors of Church. For them, that is… not in link with the holy tradition. I have no document, I would like to understand their “very odd theory”.

Do you have a personal opinion? Did you talk to your priest about that?

What the SSPX thinks about female doctor’s of the Church is number 9,452,863 on the list of important things to worry about for most Catholics.

Priests have enough to do without being bothered by such an infinitesimally irrelivant topic as female doctors of the Church or what the SSPX thinks about it or has to say about it. Someone who thinks they are having a crisis of faith over the Church’s promotion of female doctors of the Church, or over the SSPX position on the issue, has much bigger problems that need to be addressed.

Personally, my faith is swayed about 0.00000001% in one direction or another by what the SSPX is, thinks, or does. I wish them well, pray for reconcillation, and place the whole matter into God’s hands, but at the same time, not every issue in the world needs to be addressed or discussed in the context of the SSPX.

We can’t discuss high cholesterol without someone bringing up the SSPX. I wish it would stop.


St Hildegaard Von Bingen made some outstanding ancient liturgical music in my opinion. I have a cd of her music and would recommend it to anyone who likes ancient liturgical.

Controversial implies some degree of relevance. Don’t see it.

You rated this too high, Tim. I was thinking it ranks in the 12,000,000+ range.

People need to read two paragraphs of St. Catherine to know that female Doctors of the Church are quite awesome.

Cf. **St Paul who seems **to be against the public catholic teaching done by women.???

Teaching from the pulpit during Mass? Yeah, Paul was against that. Teaching from women in general? It’s been around for awhile. St. Monica apparently used to hold her own when hanging out with her son, who you may or may not have heard of.

Sorry, if I am acting as devil advocate. It is only for finding information, debating and, in fine, to understand the true teaching of Catholic Church (From Jesus-Christ to Benedict XVI). I am a lay catholic person who wants to understand better, to debate and to share.

St. Clare did a lot of teaching. We had (and continue to have) Sisters run schools.

Benedictines have Abbottesseseesses, and have for centuries.

Again, Paul’s instructions vis-a-vis women teaching can be reconciled with him commenting on behavior during Mass, just like when he says “ladies need to be quiet”, it’s because they were asking questions in the middle of Mass and other liturgical functions.

I wonder what Benedictine Monastics think of the soon to be female doctor of the Church St. Hildegard? Why don’t we ask that? I think it is more relevant, given who she was. :wink:

@fpt, i’m not trying to bust on you or tear you down. I’m sorry about my reaction. I was a bit rough. Please accept my apology. I’m just a little tired right now, and tired of hearning about the SSPX, that’s all. Please forgive me if I have offended.


No problem, I can understand this type of reactions, when we are talking SSPX. Don’t worry, it is not matter: i am immunized.

I know that the catholic reactions, on the topics in link with SSPX, can be very strong, rude, direct, and very conflictual.

Context is very inportant in scripture.

tim asked 'I wonder what Benedictine Monastics think of the soon to be female doctor of the Church St. Hildegard? Why don’t we ask that? I think it is more relevant, given who she was"
first it has been a while since I posted to the forum but take time to read the posts as I can. Being a Benedictine Oblate myself, I can saw that we are extremely pleased that Saint Hildegard has now been promoted to the status of Doctor of the Church and know that members of the Monastery I’m associted with are also. It is what she has given us that has lasted over the ages from her music to her writings.
As for the other question asked on the position of the SSPX and Women Doctors of the Church I suggest you look at some of their sites.

You may not think there is a correlation here, but I think these issues are directly related. For instance, why is it called “fat” Tuesday and then so many SSPX facilities are providing “low-fat” breakfast options after their Mass? Personally, I think the topic deserves it’s own thread.

I just couldn’t resist.

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