New Documentary "Blood Money" Seeks to Expose the Abortion Business

*Excellent new documentary that needs to be out there. *
See Trailer included with article!
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“As I traveled around the country last September doing all these interviews with various pro-life leaders and women who had had abortions, the money part just kept coming up.”
“People are making millions upon millions of dollars off the murdering of innocent babies,” he said.
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At the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City but headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas, KUMC insiders told me that the most cash has been garnered from harvesting tissue, not the abortion proper. “Trafficking in souls…”

That happens in my state (WI), too! Horrifying! :eek: And they have been trying to get a late-term facility going in Madison – that would provide more fodder for their nefarious and evil trade; convenient, too. Why doesn’t this make even more of an impact on people??

Pray for the unborn, the poorest of the poor.


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