New Dollar Coin

My brother-in-law just sent me an e-mail that says and shows that the new dollar coin has “In God We Trust” gone. Can anyone confirm this? If this is true then it is suggested that we refuse them and ask for a paper dollar bill.

It is not true. “In God We Trust” is stamped on the edge of the coin. If I can find a picture, I will post it.

EDIT…okay, well this is an artist’s rendering, but it is accurate:

Here is a photo…

Thank you so much for the info.

i understand commeration and collectors, but does anybody actually use enough of these to justify minting them on a mass scale?

Apparently they are used frequently on some subway and urban train systems…
Stamp machines also take them…

I think I have only seen one of the side-inscribed dollar coins, but apparently the US Mint is switching back to the face inscribed motto.

[quote=US Mint]“In God We Trust” will appear on the face of the coin starting in 2009.

well ive never used a subway or rail so i wouldnt know. and i have a big stack of the forever stamps. but ok it doesnt bother me knowing there is some use for them out there. i always just took themn to the bank and got paper money.

Nope, and they drive this bank teller CRAZY!

Don’t forget pop machines. It’s a LOT easier to slip a dollar coin into the machine, rather than try to get the machine to take that slightly crumpled dollar bill.

Also, one place I worked at, the change machine gave out the dollar coins because all the sandwiches in the machines were like $1.35 – MUCH more convenient.

ok several things

  1. its a coke. i dont care if its coke, pepsi or dr. pepper its a coke. allow me to demonstrate a normal restruant conversation:
    -waitress"what do you want to drink?"
    -customer"a coke"
    -waitress"what kind?"
    -customer"dr. pepper"

  2. i have never seen a vending machine anywhere that takes these darn things. or 50cent pieces for that matter.

  3. ive never seen a machine give these back

Post Office… go to the Post Office. That is where I got my larder of Sacajawea dollars.

i can hardly stand that place as it is. i dont think i could handle a machine over a person on top of it.

the only good memories of the post office i have are from childhood when i went with my dad to get a prelimanary weighing of my pinewood derby car there, since those were the scales used at the meet.

Whoa now…that is a regional thing, so there is no reason to get excited. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pop…Coke…soda…all are acceptable depending on where you are. Personally, I grew up with “Coke” or “soda” (California), discovered the usage of “pop” (Colorado) and use all interchangeably depending on where I am. Mind you though, when I say “Coke,” I mean Coca Cola darn it! Don’t go pulling that “oh, is Pepsi okay” thing on me, because it’s not! :mad::stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, btw, I have a good number of dollar coins on hand because I supply the tooth fairy with her loot. The tooth fairy always prefers coins. :thumbsup:

ahh. see we dont do tooth fairy. same reason as no santa or easter bunny. but i could see the convience there.

Here’s the ultimate “Pop vs. Soda vs. Coke” thread, which contains an awesome map showing the regions of the US that use each word! :thumbsup:

Well, then, you need to pick yourself up and march yourself boldly into the 20th Century, my friend. Or you could jump into the 21st and move to Iowa.

That is awesome! :thumbsup: It matches my experience 100%.

no offense but i hardly consider iowa the future, at least not if i want a bright one. i think im fine and dandy like sour candy where i am.

You must be from that big old chunk of red down south :smiley:

EDIT: Good game me, not looking at the second page where somebody already talked about this. Sorry for the echo.

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