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I am moving on from publishing the New Douay-Rheims Bible and providing what I have already done for free on PDF’s. I will be providing what I have online on the Aquinas Study Bible website soon once I have time to format it for the site. I truly believe that the Scripture text and especially the footnotes are valuable and very helpful for Bible study and can be put to good use! I was hoping to get a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur but I never got one response from my attempts to do so, so I refuse to break Canon Law by publishing a new translation without it. But I am providing it for those who want to use the great footnotes that have been given the stamp of approval back in 1609! Here are links to the free PDF’s

1-2 Thessalonians

The Gospels

The Catholic Epistle- The Apocalypse of St. John


Thanks Copland for all your efforts toward this project. I’m confident it will be more appreciated and utilized as it becomes more well-known. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I am looking forward to checking out the footnotes.



The Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur are no longer given to Bible translations. A simple approval to publish is given by the local Bishops’ Conference or the Holy See.

They might not be willing to review individual books as you complete them. Also, since your work simply updates the spelling, they might not consider a review of the work necessary.

You can e-mail me on this subject, if you’d like to discuss at length.

Ron Conte


Thanks folks! And thank you Ron for the information. I may email you about it, I should have thought to ask you about it beforehand!


By the way here is the printed edition on Amazon, its a great bargain!

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