New drug to protect woman against cancer- Gardasil

Is this an evil and sinful thing to consider as a parent or guardian for a young teenage daughter? Have you as a parent or guardian considered it?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to get your child a vaccine against a disease. However, I have heard that this particular vaccine was rushed in development and has problems associated with it. If it were me, I’d think seriously about waiting until there were better options.

True, some really don’t know much about it. Here’s a link to let people know more about it and of course wikipedia.

My family has always been taught moral sexual behavior. However, my mom is going to have my college age sister vaccinated once our doctor decides he likes the vaccine. Certainly this is not because we doubt my sister’s behavior, but as more of a precaution against the worst possible situations.

Case in point a good friend of mine was raped as a young teenager, the guy had HPV and gave it to her and she got cancer in her cervix from it. It was treated successfully, but it made the trauma of what she went through that much worse and she has had difficulties with her pregnancies because of it.

We our baby girl grows up I will certainly vaccinate her against any STD’s I can based on my friend’s situation alone.

I would think that anyone wanting to get this shot or to have their daughter get the shot should do some serious research. There’s been deaths and plenty of other adverse affects from this drug.

I’m always hesitant on any drug that is rushed through testing. I’m rather untrusting of the pharmaceutical industry as of late. Many of them are in it for the money versus helping out people.

Gardasil also only protects against I think, 4 types of the HPV virus, when there are a number of other HPV viruses that this drug doesn’t cover. Also, not all who get HPV end up with cancer.

It’s really just something that each of us has to research and make our own decisions on. No one should ever get vaccinated without doing their research on the drug first.

Good point made about that rape and incest thing and the protection afforded by the drug. Thanks for your input as to that aspect. Not having a female child who could receive it, under age 18, I have no decision to make, but like most fathers, I’d support her mom’s decision and of course what a trusted family doctor or RN thought and each person’s tolerance as to potential side effects. I guess the church is divided from what I’ve read on line and I’m not sure if our church has an official stance on it. Of course some think it will promote promiscuity to those that receive it. That’s just silly in my opinion.

I totally agree, no more than any other vaccine for STIs. I had to get a hepatitus B vaccination when I was a teen because it came out that my mom had B and C. Once we were tested (she had it since she was a teen) and came out clean (praise be to God!) everyone in my family was vaccinated. It didn’t give me a sense of “safety” at all, and certainly didn’t encourange promiscuity. There are far scarier things out there than Hep B, and there are even more far scarier things than HPV. It’s wise to protect ourselves from these illnesses just as with flu shots, MMRs, etc. You just don’t know what might happen. It could come out that a woman marries a man who contracted HPV and never showed symptoms. They wait until they are married, then she contracts it, and gets cancer. They didn’t do anything morally wrong (there are other ways for men to carry the illness without actually having sex) but the disease is still there. It just makes good sense to use GOOD medicine when available.

Why would it be evil or sinful? Did you object to Hepatitis C vaccination?

HPV is very common, your daughter may well get it from her husband, it is also possible (God forbid) that she will get raped or otherwise molested and catch it that way.

Simply browse for 2 minutes and see all of the faithful, moral and devout Catholics who are suffering the effects of their spouses’ infidelities. I have had one partner my entire life - my ex-husband. Because of his affairs, God only knows how many diseases he selfishly exposed me to.

I am looking into the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine for my daughters. There is no guarantee that they will not be infected later in life by a “loving” spouse. :mad:

OP, you befuddle me. Let me get this right, you do not have teen daughters, yet you ask this question? Do you have a teen son? If so, what are you teaching him in regards to this? Men are carriers of this.

Gardasil, as far as I know only prevents a few of the several strains of HPV out there. The side effects from the vaccination are still being ironed out just like the vaccination for the swine flu in 1976 are being done for today.

I remember reading this article about a month ago:

6% serious side effects for relatively 10k girls is pretty high I think, however, I do not blame a parent if they think it is necessary to get it because they know their childs behavior…, after all, none of us can give medical facts, just opinion here. I do feel very much for parents who have to deal with these mounting issues with their children.

:mad:Very unfair! Prayers for you and your girls!:gopray:

HI NewAgeCatholic,

Well,GARDASIL is the only cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of human papillomavirus (HPV): 2 types that cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and 2 more types that cause 90% of genital warts cases. GARDASIL is for girls and young women ages 9 to 26.

GARDASIL may not fully protect everyone, and does not prevent all types of cervical cancer, so it’s important to continue routine cervical cancer screenings. GARDASIL does not treat cervical cancer or genital warts. GARDASIL will not protect against diseases caused by other HPV types or against diseases not caused by HPV. GARDASIL is given as 3 injections over 6 months.


I agree. I would also point out that, given our modern society, the odds of many young girls marrying a virgin man is rather unlikely, so her husband may have HPV.

I don’t think it’s evil or sinful to try to prevent a disease. As for promoting promiscuity, I think we need to find better reasons to avoid premarital sex than simply diseases. I am NOT saying that avoiding disease is a bad reason to avoid premarital sex, I am simply pointing out that the reasons for avoiding premarital sex for Catholics go MUCH deeper than simply avoiding a disease. After all, even if there were no sexually transmitted infections, sex outside of marriage would STILL be a sin.

Giving the vaccine to one’s children is not promoting promiscuity – I would give it as a slight protection against just one possible effect of rape. That is, if it were made far safer.
It’s the idea of the government forcing it on preteen children that terrifies me. Children are afraid of shots, and afraid of switching from grade school to middle school. They want to know they will be protected from violence and exploitation while in school. To say that first they will need a series:eek:of shots, to guard them from just one tiny sliver of the danger they will face while in middle school, and that they are required to go to middle school, is to frog march them into a field of battle and abandon them there with a little piece of cardboard for a shield. Of course that promotes promiscuity: It communicates to them at a quintessentially impressionable age the lack of value society will place ont heir safety and their physical boundaries. How else would most kids automatically respond to that message? The whole issue upset me so much when it came out that I was thinking if I did have daughters I would flee the country with them.

True, some really don’t know much about it.http://www.*********.com/img/4713/n09x0302vnsn/clear.gif

As others have pointed out, there have been serious problems with Gardasil. Moral and ethical issues aside, any drug’s stated benefit has to be weighed against risks. Simply stated, this drug has not been around long enough to put everyone’s fears to rest. Gardasil (and Cervarix the UK) producers’ need to first determine why children have died before I could even consider them an option.

Here’s the most recent medical example to hit the news.

Returning to the moral issue, it may not promote promiscuity, but I do believe that it muddies the water ever further for our kids.

This incident was as to Cervarix, not FDA approved Gardasil. Beware of any non approved by FDA medicine you can get overseas. They’re not as fussy over there by any means.

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