New earth and glorified bodies

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I am interested to read any official material from Christian sources about what it is envisaged that a Kingdom full of glorified bodies looks like?

Jesus walked through physical structures, so will the new earth have physical structures?
Jesus seemed to be able to transcend time and space. Will the new earth work with some form of time?

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Presumably there would be time, which is a constituent dimension of the physical world. But our bodies would be free of it because no longer subject to entropy.


Thank you GEddie, is there any guidance from the Church that you have read that enabled you to make this conclusion?


Mostly my knowledge of chemistry combined with the 15th chapter of 1 Corinthians.

Entropy is literally the death of the party as far as chemistry (and our chemical bodies) are concerned. We can’t get away from it because entropic chemistry is literally what gets us going. And one day the the entropy buildup inside us (arterial blockage in the neck, sun damage to the skin, chemical and infectious damage to the breathing system) will finally break us down.

Our new spiritual body (to use the translation of the Pauline term pneumatikon soma) to be eternal must be free of entropy.

And if, as seems likely, collinear time is entropy driven, that means we’d be free of time as well.


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