New; Ebola scare in Boston


A United Arab Emerates plane has been quaranteened at Boston Logan International airport. Three passangers showing flue like symptoms.

Raises interesting questions. How long until Ebola appears in Syria and Iraq. That should cause some interesting reactions from Isis.



I live near Boston. It was the number one news story on the local news tonight.
I am not too worried though. None of the passengers were from West Africa.
Boston has some of the best hospitals in the world. Protective gear was worn and the sick passengers were safely escorted to local hospitals.


Man who worked in a medical ship off the coast of West Africa is under observation in Kansas:

Ebola tests are underway on a man quarantined at the University of Kansas Hospital.

Dr. Lee Norman says the patient has a low to moderate risk of having the deadly virus.

Hospital officials say the man was complaining of a high fever and other symptoms when he checked himself into the hospital Monday.

The patient recently worked on a medical boat off the coast of West Africa.


I hope they use respirators this time. Remember it is NOT transferred through the air. (forget aspirated droplets.)


Do you really believe that??


Did they quarantine the other passengers?


I think I heard on the news tonight he tested negative.


Forgot the sarcasm sticker for the Americns:D


I don’t know for sure, but it does not appear that they did.


Officials: Patients From Logan Airport Do Not Meet Criteria for Ebola, Other Diseases

Five passengers with flu-like symptoms who were taken to Boston hospitals after arriving on an international flight to Logan International Airport do not have Ebola or other infections that should raise public health concerns, city health officials said late Monday.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protections said none of these five passengers on Emirates Flight 237 has traveled to West Africa recently.

Three of the five patients were transported to Massachusetts General Hospital, the hospital confirmed. The two other passengers were taken to Boston Medical Center, according to Massachusetts State Police spokesperson. David Procopio. The passengers’ conditions are unknown at this time.



2nd health care worker flew round trip from dallas to cleveland on frontier airlines over the weekend.


Thank you very much for posting that, JimR. God bless you.


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