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A new pro-life singing group,* “The Ladies of Cecilia”,* has just released their first pro-life single, “Let Me Be Born”. Through music and songs that young people can relate to, the goal of this group is to inspire and encourage today’s youth to embrace the Culture of Life, This song accomplishes that goal in a most beautiful way.

“Let Me Be Born” was written to help educate today’s youth about the evils of abortion and to refute some of the more common misleading pro-choice slogans: “it’s my body”; “it’s my choice”; “it’s just a blob of tissue, not a baby, etc”. It clearly states the Churches teaching about the evils of abortion, and positively shows that there is new life in the womb, a life that is a child, not a “choice”, a child who wants to live, love and be loved in return.

It is basically an imaginary conversation between a little baby in the womb, and it’s mother. The baby overhears it’s mother talking about having an abortion and decides it’s time for a serious “mommy-baby” talk. As the song progresses, we see that the baby is really talking to all of us: asking us to pray for an end to this scourge on our nation; asking us to proclaim, to all young people, the truth about abortion. The baby in this song represents all babies whose “mommy’s” may be considering an abortion; it is speaking for all those unborn children who are unable to say: "mommy, I want to live”.

The song would make a great teaching tool for Life Teen and other youth group leaders when they discuss the issue of abortion. It is available as an mp3 download at


The website for “The Ladies of Cecilia”, is:


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