New embassy "a sign of pope’s love for Palestine"


New embassy a sign of pope’s love for Palestine, President Abbas says -


Now that the Vatican has approved a Palestinian embassy, perhaps the Pope can prevail on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Jordan to allow Jews to live in those places.


From CNN:

(CNN)Pope Francis and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Saturday to open a Palestinian embassy in Vatican City.

“We are very grateful about the role that the Holy See has played for a just and lasting peace in the Holy Land, and for having opened an embassy of Palestine in the Vatican for first time,” Abbas said, according to the official Palestinian news agency WAFA.

“We are proud to be the birthplace of Christianity and about having one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.”

Issa Kassissieh, the Palestinian ambassador to the Holy See, called the move “a significant achievement for the Palestinian people,” WAFA said.

Israel has yet to respond to news of the opening.


And maybe he can prevail upon the Israelis to allow Palestinians from the West Bank and Jordan to live in what is now Israel, especially if that’s where their families came from originally.



Yeah, I would say that Israel puts much more restrictions on Palestinians than Palestinians put on Israelis.


Which would result in the expulsion of Jews from Israel as surely as it already has in almost every other Muslim country.

Possibly you think that’s a good resolution, but I do not.

There are plenty of Islamic countries, but only one Jewish state. What is the compelling reason why both Muslims and Jews cannot live in the West Bank?

And Muslim Arabs in Israel who did not flee at the behest of the Arab dictators, are citizens of Israel and have the rights Jews have except in sensitive intelligence positions. Can you name a Muslim Arab country where Jews have those rights?

No, because none exist. Muslim Arabs will not tolerate Jews in the Middle East and have proved it in every single country there.


Jordan and Gaza are both Palestinian majority states, and neither will allow Jews to live there. Israel does allow Muslim Arabs to live in Israel, and many do. The only other place in the Middle East where both Jews and Palestinian Arabs live is the West Bank, but some want to turn it into another Jew-free state. I see no good reason for that.


So as a Christian, would you be willing to exchange your present homeland for any other Christian country? Would you consider them all to be equally interchangeable as a place you wouldn’t mind living?


The Arab world is fundamentally tribal, not nationalistic, and there are “Palestinians” all over the Middle East who are citizens of other states. So it would be more like my moving to another U.S. state, which Americans do all the time without complaint and certainly without trying to murder people in the state they left.

Regardless, there are a number of Christian countries in which I would not mind living. I would certainly do that before I would try to kill women and children in this country like Palestinians in Gaza do to Israelis. And undoubtedly some of them, perhaps most, never lived in Israel or the West Bank at all. Hamas kills because it hates Jews and wants them all dead, worldwide. Or at least that what it says it wants to do.

And if the West Bank was turned into a third “Palestinian state”, Hamas would take over and kill off the Fatah people now in charge just like it did in Gaza.


What I don’t understand is, why someone who advocates so strongly for LBGT rights wants to get rid of the only country in the Middle East that has LBGT rights?


It’s true that there are Palestinians all over the Middle East as part of the Palestinian diaspora, but Palestinians are not actually allowed to be citizens of most of those other Middle Eastern countries. They are mostly treated as resident aliens without the rights of citizenship. And, of course, it is the right of those countries not to give citizenship to people from another country.


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