🙂 New Emoji for 2020

Unicode Emoji 13.0 has been finalized, and with it come 62 totally new emoji plus 55 gender and skin tone variants. The 117 new glyphs bring us to 3,304 total emoji, surely covering every tiny-image-communication-need you could possibly have (Right? Right?? ). As usual, the standard has just been finalized, but platform vendors like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others still need to whip up their own custom emoji styles. For now we have a finished set from the Internet’s leading authority on emoji, Emojipedia, which are shown above.

As far as regular smiley faces go, there’s now a “smiling face with tear,” which seems to be for someone who was crying and is now starting to feel better. There’s a “disguised face” emoji that is modeled after Groucho Marx’s iconic mustache and glasses. For body parts there are “pinched fingers” a classic Italian hand gesture, along with an anatomical heart and lungs.

There are lots of new animal emoji for black cat, bison, mammoth, beaver, and seal, along with the extinct dodo and the soon-to-be-extinct polar bear. There are also bugs and insects like beetles, cockroaches, flies, and worms. For food, we have bubble tea, flatbread, tamale, fondue, teapot, blueberries, and olives.

Each new version of the emoji standard adds more inclusive emoji. This year there are glyphs for the transgender flag and the transgender symbol, along with the old wedding pair of “person in tuxedo” and “person with veil” in “Man,” “Woman,” and “Person.” For childcare there’s a new “person feeding baby” glyph that comes in both gendered and ungendered emoji; previously, there was only a woman breastfeeding. There’s even a gender-neutral version of Santa Claus called “Mx Claus.”

As usual, consumers should see these new emoji with their 2020 operating system releases.


The cross emoji is still supported. But. Not every emoji that exists is necessarily on your keyboard. If you have a samsung device and view this page you can test it out.


You might be able to just install another keyboard that has the emoji.

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