New encyclical to appear July 7 [CWN]

The Vatican has announced a publication date for Caritatis in Veritate, the long-awaited social encylical by Pope Benedict XVI. The document will be released on Tuesday, July 7. Cardinal …


*]Encyclical “Caritatis in Veritate” to be presented on 7 July (VIS)


Just in time for the G-8 meeeting in Italy. :slight_smile:

Can someone translate “Caritatis in Veritate” for me? Thank you.

Truth in love. As in our duty to speak the truth to others in love.

Here’s Catholic political economist Michael Novak’s reading of what is in store: might not sound too good based on Novak (who knew JP2 quite well).

Actually…a direct translation is “Love in Truth”. We’ll have to wait and see what Pope Benedict means by it :wink:

John Allen has a preview of the contents here. I wrote my senior thesis on Benedict’s thought in his first two encyclicals, and I find Allen’s ‘predictions’ to be spot-on.

Ah, you are correct. I guess I need to brush up on my Latin! :blush:

I can’t wait. I only hope the language is sufficiently simple and unambiguous so that more confusion doesn’t arise. :cool:

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