new Eucharistic prayer ?


I have been on a cruise for 2 weeks and have just returned. On Sunday at mass I couldn’t help but notice the priest reciting a new ( and different ) Eucharistic prayer in which the congregation responded ( several times ) " glory to God in the highest ". I have never heard this prayer before. Did things change in 2 weeks ?

Also, instead of a homily a slide show of the children’s summer camp program was shown ( at each mass ). Is this allowed ?

I am sorry if I sound suspicious but I am weary of all the abuses in our Holy Catholic Church. And I pray for all our priests to carry out their duties as pastors of Christ’s sheep.

Pax et bonum.


No, I think this is one of the approved Eucharistic Prayers for Mass with Children. I have done it before, and it seemed a little simplistic and weird. But I would question its use for a normal Sunday mass with (presumablly) a majority of adults present. Maybe it was for something special since you said that children’s summer camp presentation was also given.


Watch out for those cruise ship Masses!

I’ve read that some cruise ship companies hire “Rent-a-Priests”!


There was no catholic service onboard the ship; this was at my home parish.


It sounds like this was supposed to be a Mass for children.

I’ve never understood if it is proper to consider it a Mass for children when more adults than children are expected to be present but the Mass is promoted as being specifically geared toward children and their families, (say a First Communion Mass on a Sunday or a Mass featuring the children’s choir.)


Candidly, I’ve never understood children’s masses. Children should experience the same thing as adults - no reason why they can’t begin to understand it in their own way for their age. A children’s homily…well, that I can understand.


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