New Evangelization?

What is it???

I believe we are all called to be a part of Pope John Paul’s call for a NEW EVANGELIZATION. One way is to support those who are using their time, talent, and resources to develop FUN, interactive hands-on materials to teach our faith and the truths in an exciting format. For example, many of our parishes are using Protestant based Vacation Bible School (VBS) Programs with some Catholic companion materials. The Protestants are way ahead of us in their efforts to evangelize - their VBS church programs are used to bring families into their larger :thumbsup:church family. We need to invest in our children and parish family programs to evangelize and re-evangelize to our Catholic community. Growing with the Saints is thrilled to introduce their NEW Vatican Express, Don’t Miss the Bus Catholic Kidz Camp for 2012. This is so much more than a VBS, but a solid FUN Parish/Family Evangelization Program. Visit:


The New Evangelization is a universal call to holiness spanning the papacies of Paul VI, Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

There are many encyclicals covering this topic and frameworks have been built from these over many years.

This document from the USCCB is a great place to start.

I recently heard it defined as evangelizing those who may have been baptized but have fallen away. Basically, re-evangelizing non active Catholics/ Christians.

Certainly this is a target group for the New Evangelization, but so is everyone else. Our mission is to bring as many people to Christ through the Personal Witness, Proclaiming the Word, Worship, Community, Inculturation and Works of Charity.

A great and easy read on this topic is Evangelization for the Third Millennium by Cardinal Dulles, SJ.

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