New evidence of Viking life in America?


A new discovery has revealed that the Vikings may have travelled hundreds of miles further into North America than previously thought. It’s well known that they reached the tip of the continent more than 1,000 years ago, but the full extent of their exploration has remained a mystery, writes historian Dan Snow.

After a long hike across boggy ground and through thick pine forests, clutching pepper spray to protect against bear attacks, Sarah Parcak and her small team of archaeologists stood on an exposed, wind-blasted headland in North America.

Exhausted but happy, they had been led to Point Rosee in Newfoundland by the most high-tech weaponry in the modern archaeological arsenal - satellite data captured 383 miles (600km) above the Earth. But once here they were back to using trowels and brushes. I joined them to see how this powerful combination of new and old allowed them to make what could be a seismic discovery.


Big deal, wasn’t a Viking altar in MN found years ago?:slight_smile:


Fascinating. I’ve been to L’Anse aux Meadows, in Newfoundland, a couple of times. Also to the region where the possible new site is located (my wife is from Newfoundland, and I’ve traveled around the island with her a few times).

Looking forward to more news on this.


Thanks for some interesting news. I love stuff like this. It captures the imagination.


I don’t know, but I know you can find a lot of Viking jerseys in MN today. :smiley:


The Vikings we’re a mighty people in their day,




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