New FBI files contain allegations of 'quid pro quo' in Clinton's emails


BI interview summaries and notes, provided late Friday to the House Government Oversight and Intelligence Committees, contain allegations of a “quid pro quo” between a senior State Department executive and FBI agents during the Hillary Clinton email investigation, two congressional sources told Fox News.

“This is a flashing red light of potential criminality,” Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who has been briefed on the FBI interviews, told Fox News.


My former prediction stands that one or both major presidential candidates will be indicted and may even serve a prison term either before or after the election. Thus the vice-presidential nominees are particularly important during this election.

OTOH, why should I believe a former Democrat turned Republican who was also a Jew raised by a Jewish father and Christian Scientist mother, and later converted to Mormonism? What next?


This news item is also contained in the New York Post:

State Department brokered deal with FBI to declassify Clinton emails

It is also on the radio news at 3pm.

Basically, it is the proffer of a bribe … reassignments to prime overseas locations.


What segments of the government has Hillary Clinton not corrupted or attempt to corrupt? Possibly the forest service?


I’m sure Wikileaks has something on that, too. :wink:


This news item is from an actual FBI file.

Not Wikileaks.

The State Department attempted to bribe FBI agents with cushy overseas jobs, if they downgraded security classifications after the documents were subpoened.


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