New federal database will track Americans' credit ratings, other financial information



So Obama wants to shutdown NSA’s data mining databases, but somehow this is okay?


Don’t we already have a government that is too overbearing?!
Wonder what the founding fathers would think of this?
Will we have any privacy left?


Only if you want an abortion.


Is this really necessary? Somehow I don’t think it is. Our government has grown to be way too large.


:yup: Or marry your same-sex partner.


Won’t this be just another way for our government to spy on us?


Sure seems that way to me! They already know too much.
They probably know more about me than I do.


Ha, yes government has a way of being a bit overbearing, their quick to suggest whats best for “them” addressed incorrectly as “us”. Its the “first” lesson you clearly understand when actually executing “their” plans. The real question is how far will we allow them to go while following? Sounds like some 666 agenda to me, course we don’t want to exaggerate, only magnify this proposal so its easier to comprehend and see. Course this is about the same point some would contend “you are being paranoid and fearful” I contend its being honest, truthful and a correct conscience objection.


And there will be people who are ok with this because for them, the federal government can never be too big or too overbearing. They would rather be subjects instead of citizens.


Yeah and that is really sad. I honestly believe with all of my heart that an oversized government is a threat to our freedoms and liberties. After all, when too much power is consolidated into one organization or government, abuses are bound to happen.


How long will the people put up with this? On the other hand, how many people pay any attention to this sort of thing, if, indeed, they even are informed about it?


I completely agree. They probably know a lot about me too. After all, I am an activist and I do post things which are unpopular. For example, I have a page against the homosexual agenda and one for chastity and the sanctity of life which is pro-life. I also have another dedicated to protecting freedom and human rights in general. These are Facebook pages.

A lot of people are already fed up with it and have demanded change. Unfortunately the government seems to be stalling about doing anything about it. To be honest, I don’t think that most of the government even wants to do anything about the unconstitutional spying and invasion of our privacy. After all, all of that information they hold against us could easily be used against us if they wanted to do so.


By the time they finally figure it out, it’ll be too late.


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