New Florida law will make killing fetuses a crime


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — It will soon become a crime in Florida to kill or injure a fetus at any stage of development.

Gov. Rick Scott on Friday signed a bill (HB 59) into law that was a response to the case of a Tampa-area woman who was tricked into taking an abortion pill.

State law enforcement could not charge John Welden for killing Remee Jo Lee’s unborn child.


Thats great!

But I wonder why and how they can charge a person with double murder that kills a pregnant woman, Ive seen many people convicted of this…SO, its clear they do consider an unborn baby to be a real person, or they could not charge a person with its killing, BUT, at the same time, its legal for a woman to to get an abortion and kill her unborn baby…So, this looks like the only difference is WHO is doing the killing, not the actual murder…??

It seems they (the courts) use the unborn baby to fit whatever need they currently have, they will use it to increase severity of another murder, or when a woman goes in for an abortion, its all perfectly fine…??

Im really surprised a lawyer could not get the killing of a pregnant woman/ baby reduced to ONE count of murder, due to the abortion law…I mean, it cant be both, its either murder or its not…right?!


This is wonderful! Praise the Lord God, Who lives and reigns in Heaven as the Blessed Trinity, for this amazing feat! :slight_smile:

However, how does this not violate the unfortunate Roe v. Wade decision? Does anyone here know the legal system enough to understand the viability of such a great new law when the United States unfortunately permits abortion?

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:


They can charge them with a double murder for the fetus if there were no plans on getting an abortion.


All fetuses or just human ones. :stuck_out_tongue:


The new law provides an exception for abortion. It also provides an exemption for the mother, if her behavior harmed her fetus.

Quoting from the text of the new law:

d. This subsection does not permit the prosecution:

  1. Of any person for conduct relating to an abortion for which the consent of the pregnant woman, or a person authorized by law to act on her behalf, has been obtained or for which such consent is implied by law;

  2. Of a person for providing medical treatment of the pregnant woman or her unborn child; or

  3. Of a woman with respect to her unborn child
    (lines 50 to 57)


It’s one of the most really messed up things in our legal system. Our laws consider not-yet-born human beings to be persons when the mothers plan to give birth to them. If, however, the mothers plan to kill their children themselves before they are born, then such human beings are not considered persons under the law. Seriously. It makes little to no sense whatsoever - the entire personhood of an unborn child is dependent on the wishes of the mother. The personhood of the weak should never depend on the will of the strong. And, unfortunately, I think that only the appeal of a criminal convicted of murder of an unborn child will be able to decide this once and for all - but neither side is willing to take that risk (pro-aborts would worry that such a ruling would make aboriton illegal, while pro-lifers would worry that such a ruling would overturn any and all laws that exist to protect children that mothers plan to give birth to).


More stupid idiotic illogical nonsense.


Praise The Lord.


I thought the


This it the best news I’ve ever seen… An unborn child should also be protected by law. Praise the Lord for this wonderful news.




He’s right.

This law, while I guess well-intended, shows how stupid US lawmakers and its citizens are.

  1. If a mother kills a child intentionally without dad’s permission, it is not murder.

  2. If a father kills a child intentionally without mom’s permission, it IS murder.

  3. If a third party kills the child with mom’s permission, it may be murder.

  4. If a third party kills the child without mom’s permission, it IS murder.

  5. When a third party is killing a child, dad’s feelings on the matter are irrelevant. He can go pound sand.

  6. If you are confused, it is because socity has enabled women to abandon their roles as life-bringers, men to abandon their roles as protectors and providers, and sex has become an acitivity, not a renewal of vows between a married man and woman.



Nope, I’m not confused at all. I think the bill is a masquerade. The title of this thread is deceiving. I came here thinking it was good news. It is in essence a reaffirmation for the continuous abortion practice. Abominable.

  1. A father becomes a father at conception. A mother not until birth … or whenever she says so prior to that. In some cases.

BUT … this law JUST may have something I approve of.


“Can’t the doctors still do SOMETHING? Or do they just have to … let it be BORN!” :eek::rolleyes:

The subheading in the quote in RED was an addition by me. Sorry, had to kibbitz. :blush:


When I was unborn that was the law in America. Even in blue state Illinois where I was conceived. Of course I had a pro-life mother. And probably GOOD doctors who, while I was being born HELPED me … and then said “It’s a BOY!” to my happy parents.

Good job Florida. More than ever now you are the Sunshine State.

But WAIT there’s MORE good news. In the NEWS? :yup: <This is happening Friday! :clapping::dancing::angel1::hug3:


You’re wrong. The “except for abortion” is required to keep the law from being shot down as unconstitutional, which it would be.

When you go for an all or nothing…you always end up with nothing. Unless the Constitution is changed, abortion won’t be going away anytime soon. We have a better shot if people start seeing babies as babies from conception. That isn’t likely to happen if we keep blocking any law that recongizes that fact.


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