New Forum Transition

Thank you for your patience as we transition to our new forums. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

Regarding the new layout/navigation: please consider that any change in platform will take some getting used to. Over the past years we’ve had countless complaints that the forums are uninviting and convoluted and many of us here at Catholic Answers agreed. We know that many have simply turned away because of it. In addition, our old forums were not mobile responsive. The old platform did not allow us to modify or adapt to the changing mobile device landscape. As much as half of our traffic is mobile traffic of which the bounce rate was unacceptable. If you’re having difficulty with the new navigation or finding things please feel free to private message me by clicking my avatar and clicking the “message” button and I’ll be happy to help and answer any questions you have.

Regarding the new visual theme and colors: if you feel the new design is hard to read due to the white background, please try out the dark theme available in your user settings. We’ll also be adding an additional theme in the near future with more muted colors and grays.

Regarding the moderation of the new forums: contrary to what has been mentioned, the new forums are now more closely moderated within the Catholic Answers apostolate. In addition, the new platform affords us many more tools to protect the community from spammers and other malignant users.

Regarding unformatted [quote=] tags: these are currently being programmatically reformatted and may take as long as 5 days to complete because there are millions of posts that need to be reconditioned.

Regarding the need for a stable platform: the old forum tools were very outdated and unmaintainable. This was causing us many problems. For example, there was only a window of time where we could allow new users to register. This was unacceptable. There were also many behind the scenes maintenance tasks involved in maintaining the platform that were simply breaking down. That is all being addressed with the new forums.

We want you to know that we value your opinions and will continue to work hard to make sure the Catholic Answers Forums are a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our members, new and old.

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