New found Fear of Hell!


Hi Friends,

(Not sure if this is the right place for this topic. Not exactly spirituality, or philosophy… Scripture seemed closest thing to it.)

I just got finished researching a pretty frightening book:

It is a book written by an evangelical pastor, who alleges he spent 23 minutes in Hell, and what he saw was awful!

I generally don’t put too much stock in these sort of evangelical best sellers. But I do in this one. I concede his experience could well have happened?

Why am I convinced? Why do I entertain the possibility of what he saw being true?

I don’t know, his description of Hell just seemed so believable and dead on. Not becasue of the horrors and tortures described therein, but the “why” of them.

He goes on to explain that ( as any Catholic already knows) that Hell is a place compeltly and totally void of God and his attributes, or things that come from him.

That includes things like “strength” “love” “peace” “companionship” and many other good things, which even sinners on earth enjoy.

Add that to the spiteful demons ( who apparently hate each and every human soul, in spite of said souls commitment to Satan’s will) Hell truly sounds like a place to avoid

Any thoughts on this? Im sure someone will tell me my great fear of hell was late in coming.

I suppose my fear is totally justifed.

Any thoughts on this man, or his description of Hell? It seems depressingly on mark, such that (at risk of sounding presumptous) God would indeed be kinder to just kill the souls in Hell than let the m go there…:blush:


Is that truly what you want to place yourself in, some pastors chaotic vision? Just because someone has a dream or vision doesn’t mean that it is the truth. There is no place without God. God is omnipresent. If God punishes you that means He is present to you. I would not fear hell if I trust in Jesus. God’s punishment is good for you, he chastises us like children. What’s a little turmoil for suffering for the sake of Our Lord. You see, I believe God is a redeemer. He redeems men from a cruel fate. The fear of the Lord is healthy, even in hell. God doesn’t do anything but Sanctify with the Holy Spirit, even those who are in hell He is Sanctifying. You just have to have a little bit of trust; for the Lord’s Mercy is infinitely More than man’s mercy. That pastor didn’t know what he was seeing because he has not a healthy fear of the Lord, even if his vision was real. Trust in God; and for those who cannot trust Jesus is close to–their suffering is a phantom of pain, it isn’t real. Only the Lord’s peace is real and everlasting. Have a healthy fear of God and you need not fear some pastor’s vision.


I’ve read the book, but it seems more like a horror film script than theological truth (although admittedly it does jive with Scripture).

I do not fear Hell per se. I fear not falling into our LORD’s arms!



Hear is the problem with that statement, Hell is voided of God and any santification. Once you are there you are there. Stick a fork in it done. :slight_smile:




You might like to reread Matthew 25 verses 31-46. Jesus shows how He judges souls for heaven or for hell.
Therefore how to choose to live for the judgement fo n eternal love and joy


“Little children are not damned.”

  • Little St. Therese

Be little and fear not. God’s judgements are perfect and true. Justice is for those who have refused mercy.


Reminds me of a story told by father Groschel. A saint was so terrified that he would go to hell that he decided to memorize all the psalms so he could continue praying to God.:slight_smile:


Lol, if I am supposed to be the saint in your analogy I will take that as a compliment!:slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it seems to me there are plenty of souls right now, roasting in Hell like rotisserie chickens :blush:

Also, I don’t really agree with this person’s theology, but his objections to Hell as a place… I kind of understand…


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