New Franciscan community for widows and single older women


The Family of Jacopa Association in Steubenville, Ohio

We now have a website:

We have received permission by our Diocesan Priest Delegate to the Bishop to form, live the life, promote the community and pursue candidates.

Pax et Bonum,
Kathleen Marshall, OFS


Praise God!


Lovely. One of the Religious at our Parish made her vocation well past her youth. She'd raised her children, had been widowed and felt a call to this life. I believe she was in her 50s. She attends Mass sometimes with her daughter, son in law and grandkids which does confuse some who don't know her story!



I think that is fantastic! I wonder if some day a community would be established for women in Ontario Canada? I love the idea but would not like to have to live in U.S.A. (no offense!)


Praise God....i will keep you in my prayers ...the communities in the USA should stop looking at age , and start looking at the person and need to open up their age cut offs...kathleen what you are doing is so needed:


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