New frontiers church?

Hi. I have a couple of friends from another Church. They said it’s part of the new frontiers church and invited me to there church this week. Does anyone know about this church?

Thank you :slight_smile:

This is probably a very local non-denominational “Bible Church”. They are springing up on every corner and every mall in the country. You should go as a friend, but not in place of Mass. Maybe you could go to your friend’s church and your friend could go with you to yours. It might give you an opportunity to witness to the true Church. I find that witnessing another faith community’s “service” always makes me count my blessings as a Catholic.

I have another friend that goes there. He hasn’t been going for long, about 6months. I’m always talking about my Church(I just love it). He has asked for me to take him. So we will be arranging this. When he talks about his church, he says its lively and people speak in tongues. He feels uncomfortable with that :slight_smile:

Sounds like it is probably assoiated with the Pentecostals. Maybe you could explain at least the basics about the Mass for him before he attends. Good luck and God bless.

Newfrontiers is a network of charismatic churches. They are similar to Pentecostals, but not quite the same thing. They give a lot of information on their website, I think they have a big presence in the UK. I’m not sure if they have any churches anywhere else.

Also, here is a link to their theological papers that might give you more detail into what they believe

It is a fairly common name-on riding to my office I pass a -New Frontiers - New Destiny & New era Churches-all I believe are of the evangelical variety
name really means very little:rolleyes:

Except that in this case there is a network of churches with the name NewFrontiers and its belief fit the description of a tongue-talking lively church that you’d expect from a charismatic religious group. So, the name actually means a lot in this case.

For good reason. It’s not healthy lol. I don’t care if they call it gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is a rarity for people to receive gifts from the Holy Spirit and yet they seem to have it on tap for anyone who wants it and wants to just go completely crazy during their service. I don’t support it and I would confidently say the Lord has zero to do with it.

After reading the site posted, I feel very uncomfortable even stepping foot in their church. If I read their site right, then I take it that they are coming from Calvinism :frowning:

At first when you mentioned Calvinism I thought you had to be wrong. But you might be right. Their Wikipedia article says “Its theology is distinctively Reformed.” It also says it combines features of evangelicalism with Pentecostalism. So, they could be described as a Reformed charismatic movement of churches.

Must admit, I don’t know anything about Calvinism. But I get the feeling that it’s not recommended for me or advisable for me to take up the offer from some of my friends to attend their church. :shrug:
p.s. I went on to their UK site and did abit of the reading under the title Theology.

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