New gay laws passed

I think the Victorian government (Australia) is nuts.

Laws, passed in State Parliament last week, legalise surrogacy and give lesbians and single women access to fertility treatment, including IVF.

The Australian Christian Lobby has denounced the legislation as “social engineering” and says it will enable gay men to “order” a surrogate baby on demand.

I wrote more on my blog.

Does this stuff happen in your country? What is being done about it?

“lesbians and single women”?

I know I was in Victoria at the time. Not my own State, thank God…but will this kind of legislation spread now that a precedent has been created? That’s not all the Victorian government has done lately, having recently legalized abortion, and labled opposition to abortion as 'prejudice".

That Brumby is ferral.

Here is a news link, as required by forum rules:

Lesbian couples and single women will soon be able to have babies using IVF treatment in Victoria, but some women and doctors say the new laws themselves are discriminatory because they include mandatory criminal background checks for prospective mothers.

Under the old laws, single women and lesbians had to be clinically infertile to receive IVF treatment in Victoria and even then they weren’t allowed to use donor sperm from a clinic.

Victoria’s Attorney-General Rob Hulls says the states laws are no longer in breach of the Federal Sex Discrimination Act.

“There are kids that are being born to all sorts of arrangements and they don’t have appropriate legal protections and so this legislation ensures that children - regardless of the arrangements under which they’ve been born - are protected,” he said.

“This legislation was always about kids and ensuring that children born into same sex families or as a result of surrogacy arrangements are not discriminated against.”

I don’t understand what Mr. Hulls is talking about. How is this new law supposed to protect children in a way they were not protected previously? :confused:

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