New Gun Owners, please get safety training!

I have no affiliation with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, but they are running advertisements in the local paper (Chicago Tribune) and offering to help educate people new to firearms.

As there have been many people on this forum say that they have recently purchased a firearm because of the recent elections, or perhaps because of the state of the economy, or some other reason I’d like to encourage all new gun owners to get some training. The NSSF is offering a introductory day at a shooting range for this very purpose.

I am NOT advertising for them, they are simply a non-profit foundation that is one of the largest organizations that provides SAFETY information to the public. I’d also encourage people to look into National Rifle Association training, there are NRA training instructors in virtually EVERY county of the US.

BUT AGAIN, there have been several threads recently on guns, on accidental shootings in the home and on self defense, so it seems like a good time for a bit of a public service announcement to remind people, especially new gun owners, that training of some sort is very important!!! :thumbsup:

Here is a link for the Chicago area NSSF information:

There will be more cities added, and there will be more dates added for the Chicago area too. Here is a link to the main page for the FIRST SHOTS program:

Here is a partial blurb from their website:[INDENT]Seminars

           First Shots provides an introduction to safe handgun ownership                 for first-time shooters through education and training seminars                 and supervised live-fire instruction at shooting ranges across                 the country. Three First Shots seminars are scheduled in the               greater Chicago area on Saturday, Feb. 7, with others to follow.

Find a seminar near you listed below. Please contact the range directly for more specific information.
[/INDENT]Here is a link to their GETTING STARTED page, which offers general information:

I took an NRA safety course several yrs. ago & it’s well worth the time spent.

Yup, the NRA does a wonderful job.

Did anyone ever notice that none of the groups that claim to push gun safety and ‘common sense’ gun laws offer safety classes? Seems odd. The Brady Campaign claims it wants people to safely store weapons but offers no safety classes on how to use or store guns.

NRA trains more police officers and civilians than all other sources of training combined. The NSSF, in looking over their materials, appears to offer some excellent materials. I noticed they have a DVD for sale on their website for $10 that appears to be geared for new gun owners and gun owners with children in the home.

My older son trained me. He’s a career soldier and small arms instructor. Unfortunately, official gun safety courses are not to be had in this neck of the woods.


Safety training is safety training.

I was trained by an expert shooter and then later informally a police officer who married my cousin. Neither was a ‘certified’ safety trainer. Since I took training from those two I learned more about training courses offered by the NRA but have not taken one of their classes. Turns out that if you contact the NRA they will put you in touch with a certified training instructor and there are typically several instructors available in virtually every county in the USA that the NRA recognizes and certifies in various shooting disciplines.

In PA, I was required to take a hunter’s safety course in order to get a license (early 70s). I’m not sure if that is still the case, but it was well worth the time spent.


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